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Kiera Kealey

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Instagram

What is instagram?

What are some ways computer Ethics are related to and associated with INSTAGRAM?

What IS THE DEAL WITH hashtags
and at symbols?

Instagram is a social-networking service
Users can upload pictures and short videos
Photos and videos are confined to a square shape
Digital filters and effects can then be added to the pictures and videos
Others can like and comment on photos
The photos and videos can also be shared on other social-networks such as Facebook and Twitter
Users can also follow other users to view their photos on a daily news feed

How has instagram developed?

What are instagram's Pros and cons?

what are some fun facts about instagram?

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and is now owned by Facebook, Inc.
Since its launch in 2010, millions have joined the network
With so many users, the number of photos uploaded/shared on Instagram has surpassed 16 billion
It is a fast and easy way to share photos
There are multiple privacy settings that can be applied for safer use
Inappropriate content can be reported by any user at any time
Instagram is a great way for one to express creativity and show others their perspective
It is fun to see what others are up to, as well
Without privacy restrictions on, users are opening themselves up to strangers
If it has not already been reported, some content may be offensive/inappropriate (e.g. comments, photos, etc.)
The privacy policy says that Instagram has the right to give users' information to second-party companies
There are over 35 million "selfies" on Instagram
Kylie Jenner is the Celebrity with the most "selfies"
Justin Bieber is the most followed Instagrammer (he has over 12 million followers)
"Lo-Fi" is the most used filter
35% of users check their Instagram multiple times a day
The most used hashtag is #love
The most instagrammed city is NYC
At symbols (@) and hashtags (#) are used frequently on Instagram
At symbols are used to tag other users in posts
Hashtags group photos into categories and can be searched to find a specific group of images
Some popular hashtags are "#mcm" (man crush Monday), "#wcw" (woman crush Wednesday) and "#tbt" (throwback Thursday)
"Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people" is a commandment that could be violated through rude/inappropriate content uploaded to Instagram (e.g. comments, photos, etc.)
"Thou shalt not use a computer to steal" is a commandment that could not be turned upon as the user has agreed to Instagram's only limited privacy policy and if the user chooses to be public rather than private they are knowing that anyone can reuse the photos/videos
Users could violate commandment 5 though, and write false information about others on Instagram
Since Instagram is a Freeware program, so no one can violate commandment 6
In certain cases, commandments 7 and 8 can be violated
"Thou shalt think about the social consequences of the program you write" is always being considered by Instagram and the company is constantly making adjustments to remove/prevent negative consequences
Instagram supports commandment 10 as in several ways, it promotes good (e.g. @robinhoodnyc is an account that promotes a mission of fighting poverty in New York, etc.)
( ;

Why is instagram considered
a social media site?

"A social networking service is a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who, for example, share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections." (Wikipedia)
Instagram is a tool which builds these social relations through the sharing of photos and videos
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, users are communicating and speaking to each other through posts/direct messages
The explore options help users to find others who have something in common with them (e.g. searching the hashtag "Swim" will find people who took photos of people swimming which may indicate that they enjoy water sports, etc.)
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