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The life of Jane Goodall

No description

Leah Olsen

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The life of Jane Goodall

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with chimpanzees every day? It must be fun! Jane Goodall has done it! In Jane's early life, her love of animals captivated her. And when she grew up she got to live with chimps every day! When she was a baby, she got a stuffed animal chimp named Jubilee...
Jane and the animals
Jane was born on April 3rd, 1934 in London, England. Even at her young age, Jane preferred being in nature than in big cities. She was so interested in animals! Once she even wanted to sleep with worms under her pillow! Another time, she waited in the chicken coop for an hour to see how a chicken laid an egg!
In Africa, Finally!
In 1956, Jane got an invite to Africa. It was a dream come true! To earn the money for the trip, Jane was a waitress. She could carry 13 plates on her arm. When Jane was days away from turning 23, she went to Africa. When she arrived, she found dinner and birthday cake at her friend Clo's house.
Looking for chimps
Jane was finally out in the wild looking for chimps! Her mom, Vanne, was with her to keep her company. They lived in an army tent. During that time, Vanne was over 50 years old! Vanne set up a little clinic in the wild for anybody that was sick. Every so often Jane and Vanne would go into the village that was a couple hours away for supplies.
Jane Goodall
Created by Leah Olsen
The Chimps Accepting Jane
Unfortunately Jane and Vanne got sick but they recovered. Another lucky thing. The chimps have finally gotten used to Jane! Jane named some of the chimps. Then something bad happened. Frodo (one of the chimps) kicked and beat Jane and threw her off of a cliff but bushes stopped her fall.
Working with Hugo
Now Jane is in National Geographic! National Geographic wanted photographs so Jane brought Judy along. She hoped the chimps would think Judy was her. But Judy couldn't get good photos. Hugo Van Lawick was the new photographer. To Jane's surprise the chimps liked Hugo right away!
The Ups and Downs of Fame
Before Hugo died, Jane was good friends with Hugo. Jane and Hugo got married on March 28, 1964. The cake figure was of David Graybeard. The decorations were of the other chimps. National Geographic provided money for Jane and Hugo's work. Jane became world famous! Young graduates started to join Jane to help and learn from her.
Dark Times for everyone
Lots of chimps died of polio in 1966. 1972 was the year Flo died. Flint died on Sept. 15. Jane realized chimps have a violent side. In 1974, a war broke out between the chimps. Passion was a very mean chimp. She neglected her daughter and killed baby chimps. In 1975, men came and kidnapped 4 students demanding for money. None of them got hurt but all of the graduates left after that.
I hope you enjoyed learning about Jane Goodall like I did!
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