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TELPAS Writing

No description

John Hood

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of TELPAS Writing

Somewhat answers
TELPAS Writing Practice
At least 5 total samples are required in each collection.
Write What?
Think of some personal narrative topics they could practice writing on - i.e. (My Favorite Birthday)
What type?
Descriptive writing on a familiar topic
What's a No, No?
Think of two academic topics that you have covered with your students for each of these subjects:
Use your students' papers to model.
Social Studies
Papers in which student relies heavily on resources (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.)
Papers showing teacher comments and corrections
Worksheets and question-answer assignments
Papers containing copied language
Papers that have been polished with help from
peers or teachers
Papers written primarily in student’s native language
Papers that are brief, incomplete, or rushed
Writing about a familiar process
Narrative writing about a past event
Personal narratives and reflective pieces
Expository and other extended writing from language arts classes
Expository or procedural writing from science, math, and social studies classes
In each collection there must be
- at least 1 narrative about a past event
- at least 2 writing samples from math, science,
or social studies
How would you rate this sample? (B,I,A,AH)
Now What?
Prewrite Suggestion
1st sample (3rd grade)- Beginner
(Little or no English ability)
2nd sample (5th grade)- Intermediate (Limited ability, simple language structures, routine contexts)
3rd sample (2nd grade)- Advanced High (Grade appropriate with minimal second language acquisition support)
3rd grade student
5th grade
2nd grade
Papers that have missing dates or before 2/17
Basic descriptive writing on a personal/familiar topic
Sample Prompts:
Write about yourself, your family, your best friend, your school, etc.
Describe what you are seeing in this picture, photo, artwork, etc.
Compare yourself to a friend or relative by describing how you are alike and different
Compare two friends, two pictures, two photos, two places you've lived or houses you've lived in, etc.
Remember to include a copy of any pictures or photos used
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