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Science Prezi

No description

Tomas Cuneo

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Science Prezi

Respiratory System
Health Smoking Information about the Respiratory System The Respiratory System has 6 functions The Lungs Alveoli and Capillaries The alveoli are hollow sacs
gas exchange
capillaries are the branches that hold the alveoli. Bronchus Directs the air fom the trachea to the lungs
It has a two-tubed structure
each connect to a different lung Main organs
left lung is slightly bigger
right one share space with heart
the left lung has three lobes, right one has two Trachea Also called the windpipe leads the air from the pharynx to the lungs
it a tube with small ridges. Nose Makes the air enter into the body through its two nostrils
The structure is a kind of triangular shaped
Has two nostrils in the bottom
It's located in the face Pharynx Also called throat
passage between mouth and trachea
struture: interior part of the neck Tobacco Products cigarettes
pipe tobacco
chew or smokeless tobacco
they all contain nicotine nicotine
a drug
its adective
clean head and concentrate hard beat faster
increase blood pressure how to stop smoking what happens... nicotine gum
nicotine nasal spray
nicotine patches
without nothing
less and less
people get angry
they have a stomach ahce
more alcohol
it depents how your body reacts. if you stop smoking, you wil be more healthy HEART
Lung cancer cancer in lungs

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