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QTM: Quality Time with Mom

Breastfeeding information for moms-to-be

SGS Productions

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of QTM: Quality Time with Mom

QTM: Quality Time with Mom
Birth Plan
It's YOUR story.
Your baby should be put skin-to-skin on your chest after birth.
keeps baby warm
calms baby
reduces stress for mom and baby
stabilizes blood sugar
leads to first latch
Plan ahead!
The First Few Days
Before you leave the hospital, make sure to see the breastfeeding specialist.
Your baby should stay with you 24 hours a day.
What does he eat?
Liquid gold!
One teaspoon per feeding is
just enough!
Your baby's tummy is very small.
The color of colostrum varies.
On day 3, your milk begins to change.
What comes out?
Most of baby 's first few weeks are spent feeding and pooping.
Your baby's first stool is called meconium.
By day 5, it will look more mustard colored.
Breast Changes
Frequent feedings will prevent discomfort!
Your breasts will also change during that first week.
Breast fullness versus engorgement.
A Good Latch
A good latch means:
no pain
baby is swallowing
This is when you should feed your baby.
This is what you'll see if you miss the early cues.
Now you may have to calm your baby before feeding.
This baby needs to be fed!
Bringing Baby Home
You don't need a hospital bed to use the laid back position.
is normal.

Keep things simple.
You can multi-task!
When to Worry
Call for help...
...if baby's stools aren't yellow by day 5 or are fewer than 3 a day.
On day 3, stool will be greenish.
rooming in
limiting visitors
no bottles/pacifiers unless doctor orders
skin to skin during hospital stay
Take a class.
Getting to know your baby
very concentrated
full of antibodies
prevent infections
stimulates first stool
Baby spends 8 hours a day just eating during the first month of life.
baby can't latch
need to get milk moving!
Plan ahead. Spend a few days at home resting and helping your baby.
continue for several hours a day
use when infant is fussy
helps baby latch
helps your milk supply
helps bonding
Feeding your baby is relaxing.
Be prepared for cluster feeding.
...if baby isn't having heavy, wet diapers by day 5 or if they look dark, like apple juice.
...if baby looks yellow.
...if baby's not eating at least 10 times a day
or if baby is not swallowing for 10-15 minutes each feeding.
Sample birth plan:
Fullness is normal.
not uncomfortable
baby can latch
softer after feeding
Skin to Skin:
Did you know?
A full time job!
Skin to Skin
Why Not Formula?
interferes with benefits of breast milk
can cause allergies and digestive problems
reduces milk supply
...if feeding your baby hurts.
Look at how close the chin is to the breast. And baby can breathe!
Baby's lips should be turned out. If it hurts, check the lower lip. You can usually apply slight pressure to the baby's chin and the lip will pull out.
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