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TEM Suite 2016-2018 Roadmap

MTS TEM Platform

Roei Soudai

on 20 February 2017

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Transcript of TEM Suite 2016-2018 Roadmap

TEM Suite 2016 - 2018 Roadmap
Q4 2016
New User eXperience (UCM)
Responsive Design
Better UX functionality
Multi-browser supports
Multi-devices supports
Cisco Hunt Group
Tasks priorities change may occur according to market needs
June 2016
Unified Communication
Instant Messaging
Employee presence
Q1 2017
Ad-hoc Reporting
Support SQL Server 2016
Support Windows 2016 Server
Q2 2017
Unified Communication (Next)
Cisco - Jabber collection
Unify Centrix
Collecting Emails
Collecting meetings
Employee Scorecard
Dealer / Customer Ranking
Customers follow-up
Q3 2017
Alert Management (UX)
New design for alerting
Add new alerts capabilities
Let the user to create their own alerts
Q4 2017
Ad-hoc Enhancements
Q2 2018
Provision Management
Change Password
Change Authorization numbers
Change Class of Service - Integration with more PBXs
Q3 2018
Administration - New UX
PCM - New UX
Help Desk - New UX
Tenant Resale - New UX
Cable Management - New UX
Q4 2018
Support SQL Server 2018?
Support Windows 2018 Server?
Q1 2018
Rating - New UX
Including Discount / Markups enhancements
Jobs Scheduler - New UX
User Behavior Detection
Find malicious employees
Security enforcement risk
User activity monitoring
Supports Pivot Tables
New Templates
Compliance Package
Whistleblower protection
Sexual harassment
Homeland security (HLS)
Cloud Optimization & Monitoring
Monitor cloud licensing utilization
Optimize license packages
Provision termination/registration to all cloud app services
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