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The birth of Hercules

No description

gs students

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of The birth of Hercules

The story of hercules
The birth of Hercules
Hercules was born to his mother a Queen . His father was the god Jupiter. Jupiter's wife tried to kill Hercules because she was jelley of the him. Juno sent a giant snake to kill Hercules but he slayed the snakes!!!!!!
The Nemean Lion
King Eurystheus first task was for Hercules to bring him the interpretable skin of the Nemean lion.
The Hydra
Hercules second task was to kill. The Hydra a snake like serpent was in the musky swamp waters of Lerna. The serpent has nine heads. Hercules nephew Iolaus went along
THE Erymanthian Boar
The final labor
Hercules was sent to the under wold to capture the beast Cerberus . the king thout Hercules would not be able to complet this task and survive
The boar was traped in a net and tide him up and brout him alive to the king.
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