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nazi medical experiments

No description

ronnie martin

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of nazi medical experiments

Nazi Medical Experiments The victims were placed under sun lamps which were so hot they would burn theskin. One young homosexual victim was repeatedly cooled to unconsciousness thenrevived with lamps until he was pouring sweat. He died one evening after severaltest sessions. After the camps were started, vast genetic experiments were undertaken. The rangeof the testing was broad and specialized. The two major groups of experimentswere first to refine the master race and second to determine the cause of defects. Unethical medical experimentation carried out during the Third Reich may be divided into three categories. The first category consists of experiments aimed at facilitating the survival of Axis military personnel. The most infamous were the experiments of Josef Mengele at Auschwitz. Mengele conducted medical experiments on twins. He also directed serological experiments on Roma (Gypsies), as did Werner Fischer at Sachsenhausen, in order to determine how different "races" withstood various contagious diseases. The research of August Hirt at Strasbourg University also intended to establish "Jewish racial inferiority." Heat Testing The freezing / hypothermia experiments were conducted for the Nazi high command. The experiments were conducted on men to simulate the conditions the armiessuffered on the Eastern Front. The German forces were ill prepared for thebitter cold. Thousands of German soldiers died of freezing or were debilitatedby cold injuries. Many of the experiments were on the genetic level to create the "Super Race" Hitler wanted There were also many weapons experements performed on the jews weapons such as the Wonderwaffen dg and code name "Thundergun" were just two of many used on they jews.
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