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health and wellness

Amanda Doty

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Nutrition2

NUTRITION Nutrients 6 main types CARBOHYDRATES Crucial for energy
Breakdown of protein
Protects body from toxins monosaccharides Found in:
polysaccharides Heightens glucose levels in the blood
"definition: the primary form of sugar stored in the human body for energy" -carbsinformation.com PROTEIN ESSENTIAL
body is made up of it
need around 22 amino acids
body only makes 14
rest consumed through food
forms part of hormones and enzymes
repairs damaged tissue
meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products

FAT produces more energy than protein or carbs
keeps body warm
maintains hair and skin
protects organs

Groups Of Fat Saturated 10% or less of calorie intake raises cholesterol in body mainly found in meat Transfat man made
commercially packaged foods fried foods Monounsaturated Fats lowers total cholesterol found in pistachios, avacodos, walnuts,
walnuts, canola and olive oil
Polyunsaturated Fats lowers choleseterol found in seafood, corn, soy,
sunflower oils Good bad VITAMINS Chemical body needs to process nutrients
Regulates nervous system
Builds genetic material, protein, red blood cells,
and hormones
body alone cannot create enough
consume through food and supplements
Best if gained through balanced diet

MINERALS Maintains healthy body and mind
Helps form teeth, bones, and blood cells
Regulates body fluid

WATER most important of 6 nutrients helps control body temp.
Makes up 50-75% of body
need at least 8 glasses a DAY
cleanses body

helps body collect nutrients from food
needed for proper cell production
woman should consume more to avoid premature aging

ViTamin A needed for:
cell growth
healthy skin
healthy hair
vision ViTamin C needed for healthy teeth
improves iron ViTamin D Healthy bones and teeth Vitamin B12 builds:
red blood cells
Nervous system tissue Pantothenic Acid
need for energy
metabolism MAJOr MineRaLS Calcium promotes strong teeth and bones
regulates blood pressure
regulates muscle function ChlOride

in salt and most vegetables

makes digestive juices

keeps body fluids balanced MaGnesium important for biochemical functions

Found in: whole grains, nuts, seeds, dark green vegetables

Phosphorus bone growth
normal cell membranes

Found in foods that are high protein

POTAsium nervous system function
muscle contraction
fluid balance

Found in fruits and vegetables

Sodium maintains fluid balance
blood pressure
Sulfer natural antioxidants

found in eggs, lean beef, dairy, onions MiSleading Serving Sizes Anti CanceR DiEt Eat less Fat less than 20% of total fat
500 calories a day of fat
Avoid saturated
Increase fiber intake moves carcinogens through intestines faster Eat more fruits and vegetables lowers your want for fatty foods
which cause cancer
Plants have phytochemicals

MoRE antioxidants More vitamins Fat: 1 gram= 9 calories
protein: 1 gram= 4 calories
carbohydrates= 1grams= 4 calories
Alcohol: 1 gram= 7 calories
Anti cancer vegetables •broccoli
•brussel sprouts
•green beans

•sweet potatoes
•yams anti cancer fruits •apricots

•tangerines Enriched Vs. Fortified Vitamins and minerals have
been added

Added to make up for
the ones lost in processing vitamins and minerals added to food
along with the original levels

Ex: milk and salt

often missued by fruit juice and cereal companies
Check calorie intake Carbohydrates- 24 grams X 4 Calories= 96

Protein- 8 grams X 4 Calories= 32

Fat- 11 grams X 9 calories= 99

Portion Control many restaurant serve food
with servings made for more
than one.

Recomendation: Get some of the
meal to go The Promblem: The Problem: Recomendation: share a meal
with a friend It's hard to tell portion
with fast food! Recomendation: Put it on a plate The Problem: How can i watch
what i eat when i
eat fast food? Recomendation: order the smaller
burgers or grilled
chicken sandwhich

Recomendation: Replace the fries
with a side salad
or other healthy
option Recomendation:
Replace the soda
with bottled water
or a fruit juice The Problem:
I overeat when
i watch TV! Recomendation: Put what your eating
in a bowl complEx high fiber foods (improves digestion) stabalizes blood sugar found in whole
grain breads
brown rice
broken down more slowly
steady stream of energy
Simple 45-65% 10-35% 20-35% low fat vs. Low calorie low fat foods often have added sugar to improve taste
there isn't always a big difference in the "low-fat" version of a product to it's original

REComendation: limit your PORTION, and eat what you want! "The more pounds you're carrying,
the greater your risk of developing
one or more of 17 cancers"
-HEALTHCASTLE.COM Fast Food- addicting? smaller molecules of sugar
breaks down faster Fat and Simple Sugar's reaction to the brain is similiar to Nicotine and Heroin "Bingeing" on foods high in fat have been reported to alter brain, making harder to say no speedy breakdown leads to sugar converting to fat substances or nutrients that
prevent damage in the body Improves immune system
lowers risk of cancers and infection Find them in:
brightly colored fruits and veggies
grain products
Simple ways to drink more water -Take it with you! If it's around, your more likely to drink it. -Keep it cold! Water is easier and more refreshing when cold. -Add some flavor! From time to time, add some lemon or flavored powder. -Set a visible goal! From bracelets on your wrist to rubber bands on your bottle. Burger King VS. Subway 370 Calories
19g Fat
8g Sat. Fat
1g Trans Fat

440 Calories
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