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Zuni Native American Tribe

No description

McKenna Townsend

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Zuni Native American Tribe

Zuni Native American Tribe
Geography of the Zuni Tribe
Lived in the desert southwest of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona
The Type of Diet
Home life
Lived in Pueblos also called adobe

large stones cemented together with clay and straw

By: McKenna Townsend
Lived there for 1,300 years
6,000 still inhabit the area
Grew Corn, Beans, & Squash
Grew cotton & tobacco
Fished & Hunted
Hunted Deer, Antelope, Rabbit, and Other animals
First style-
Men- breechcloths or short kilts
Women- knee length cotton dresses called mantas
Second style-
Women- Wore shifts underneath mantas to be modest
Both Men and Women wore moccasins
Men- jeans ( occasionally breechcloths and kilts on celebrations)
Women- mantas
Walked everywhere
Dogs pulled travois
The spanish come with horses
They used the horses
Weapons and Tools
Hunt- Bow and arrow
War- Bow and arrow, Spears & war clubs
Tools- Wooden hoes and rakes - farming
spindles and looms- weaving
Pump drill- cutting holes in beads and shells
Arts & Crafts
They made:
Fetish carvings
Willow Baskets
Heishi Necklaces
They are still being made today
Tribe Interactions
Fought: Apache and the Navajo tribes

Interacted: most of the Pueblo tribes

Traded jewelry for shells & coral
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