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lara bingle town!!!!!!!!!!!!

No description

josh donovan

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of lara bingle town!!!!!!!!!!!!

lara bingle town!!!!!!!!!!!!
lara bingle town was created by
josh and tom.w

we had the idea when we were
sitting under a tree we named
the tree lara bingle for no
random reason then harry came
and we let him join
here is the naitonal anthom for lara bingle town

lara bingle town lara bingle town open 7 days a week 24 hours for you to peek now lets do the chinies version ghdhfdghsfhdfhdhgfdhdhfgfhsgfhjsdfysgdfgetyfretywfatyefayfeyfyawfe

now twurll twurll twurll and throw do the garila and recover
lara bingle town was made at
st josph busselton primary school
on the 13-11-13 on a wensday the
population write now is 4
every thursday is lara bingle town day it is awsome you get to make posters and sand cakes also cards for
lara bingle
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