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Zombie Menu

No description

Karen Siuce

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Zombie Menu

Cerebrum Ranch/ Grill Menu
Karen Siuce
Mr. Noland / AP Psych / Pd.6

4. Stem kabob
This dish
never gets old
, it has been in the menu for the longest compared to the other appetizers in the menu, it will have you want more.
7. Broca's Stew
This kind to soup will make you
slier you words
, that other people will not know what you are says.
1. Spaghetti w/ thalamus ball
(Main Course)
Fried thalamus on top of seasoned tomato sauce that will have your brain
send signals
to want more.
2. Grilled medulla w/ stir fried rice
(Main Course)
Grilled seasoned medulla on top of stir fried rice will make your
blood pressure, and heart rate
to up.
5. Grilled pons w/ boiled vegetables
(Main Course)
These grilled pond w/ boiled vegetables will have you
arm go up
and ask for more.
6. Corpus Lasagna
(Main Course)
The corpus makes the whole thing come
to make all the different parts work w/ one another.
3. Amygdala nachoes
These nachos will have you
to try them again because they are so hot with jalapenos and different kind of hot sauce combined.
8. Frontal ice cream cake
This cake is so sweet and delicious that it will not have you
weather or not to order it again.
9. Occipital mousse
This mousse is so chocolaty that it will make you want to
two of them.
10. Temporal Cheesecake
This cheesecake is so creamy and sweet that it will you want to
"2 for 1".
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