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(old) Service Learning at the UW

No description

Emily Noyd

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of (old) Service Learning at the UW

Factors to consider when choosing a position:
Service Learning
at the UW

Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center
A learning experience that combines...
Service opportunities are tied to academic coursework and address concerns that are identified and articulated by the community
the community
structured preparation
reflection opportunities
Service learning is a fun and creative way to learn about how people are making the world a better place. We can take these skills and ideas and apply them even after the course is over, and I believe that is empowering.

- Student from Geography of Food and Eating
Explore course themes outside of the classroom
Develop relationships and meet new people
Learn from community members
Contribute to the community
Explore an area of career interest
Build your resume
Get outside the "UW Bubble"
What are the benefits?
How do I sign up?
Register on the Carlson Center website
Personal interest
Position "shift" times
Your schedule (work, school, etc.)
Length of commitment
Location & travel to site
the details
Position location
Expected weekly schedule
Orientation with the organization

1. You will receive a
confirmation email
after registering for a position

2. It is YOUR responsibility to call and/or email the supervisor to
introduce yourself
as a UW service-learning student
3. Participate in an
during the second week of the quarter
Service Learning Essentials
Make a schedule and stick to it!
~3-5 hours per week throughout the quarter
(from the second week of classes until Finals).
Introduce yourself with relevant information: full name, UW service-
learning student, position title, RSVP to orientation, etc.
phone AND email
to get in touch
Call in advance if you're late or sick; offer to make up time missed
Treat your service-learning experience like a
Dress appropriately
. Don't use distracting electronics, like your phone.
Pre-Service Workshops
Explore your personal lens & motivations for service
Consider the difference between charity and partnership
Learn how to utilize a strengths-based perspective & build reciprocal relationships

Workshops for International Students
Designed for students who have limited experience with service-learning or volunteering in the U.S.
What is service-learning?
Tips for registration and service-learning sites
Advice on expectations, communication, professionalism, and transportation

Center for Experiential Learning
Mary Gates Hall 171
Site supervisors will complete an evaluation of your service at the end of the quarter.
4. Begin volunteering!
workshop times are listed on the handouts!
Review criteria for self-placements on the Carlson Center website
Talk to your instructor to make sure the position fits course objectives
Complete the online self-placement form
Let your organization know you're connecting your service to course-work
Already volunteering?
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