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The Eye

No description

lisandra sanguino

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Eye

The Eye The cornea is the transparent,
dome-shaped window covering
the front of the eye. The retina captures the light rays and
convert them into electrical impulses Sclera is also known as the
white of the eye which
also serves as the eyes protection Choroid is composed of layers
of blood vessels that nourish
the back of the eye The optic nerve transmits electrical
impulses from the retina to the brain Optic disc is also know
as the blind spot Vitreous humor is the clear substance
that fills the eyeball between the
retina and lens The aqueous humor is thin watery
fluid that fills the space between the
cornea and iris. The iris the the colored part of the eye The pupil is the black circular
opening in the center of the iris The ciliary body if the production
of the aqueous and changes the shape
of the crystalline lens Photoreceptors are responsible
for detecting light so we can see Rods are responsible for vision
in the low light Cones are responsible for high light Eye Disorders Pink Eye is the inflammation of the thin,
clear covering of the white eye The eyelids are the ones that are
mainly affected Cataract if the bluriness of the eye(clouding
of the eye). It affects vitreous and aqueous humor Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of
diabetes It is the damage of the blood vessels in
the retina
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