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Because of Mr. Terupt

No description

qb qwkjber

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Because of Mr. Terupt

Because of Mr. Terupt
By: Rob Buyea

Because of Mr. Terupt
by Rob Buyea is a must read book about a brand new teacher coming to a school. At first, everyone thought he was just like any old annoying teacher, but in a day, everyone recognized him as the nicest teacher ever who really connected with his students. He came up with unique games or ideas that the kids always loved. He even gave kids rewards, he said that each time his class behaved good, he would put a paper clip hanging on the ceiling. He would keep on linking those paper clips until the chain hit the floor, after that the kids would earn a free day, but that was the one plan that backfired. The kids decided to go outside in the snow and just do whatever they wanted, but Peter (a kid in the class) took it way to far and chucked a snowball that hit Mr. Terupt's head. Mr. Terupt was in a coma. Suddenly, the class barely talked, and were always in sad moods. Will Mr. Terupt wake up from his coma? Will the classmates talk again? Read this thriller to find out.
Favorite part:
My favorite part is on page 8 when Mr. Terupt introduces dollar words. This is my favorite part because I think it is a unique idea and I knew is was a start to his wacky ideas.
Main Characters:
Mr. Terupt

The genre of this book is realistic fiction.
Recommended Readers:
I think that every single kid ages 8-13 should read this book because it explains why you shouldn't bully and treat everyone fairly. Since it tells the book from different perspectives, you know how the bully thinks, and how the person being bullied thinks. Also, everyone loves this because everyone can't stop putting this book down since they want to know if Mr. Terupt escapes his coma.
Why I chose this book:
I chose to read this book because my classmates said it was really good. I also read this book because it was a book part of a book quiz I am in.
Mr. Terupt
Adjective to describe him: Kind

Description: Mr. Terupt is a teacher who cares about his students a lot and always tries to have fun with them. He tries to make the students feel grown up. He could just be any other teacher who couldn't care less about their kids, but he tries to socialize with them and have a good time.
Adjective to describe him: Troublemaker

Description: Peter is a troublemaker because he is always calling people names and trying to make people slip and get hurt. One time, he made a pool of water on the ground so someone would slip.
Adjective to describe him: Quiet

Description: Jeffrey is always quiet and no one can figure him out. He has a secret that only Jessica knows. He is very quiet and doesn't speak a lot and never tells people about his personal life.
Adjective to describe him: Smart

Description: Luke is very smart. He came up with the first dollar word (buttocks) and at the end of the year, he came up with the most dollar words.
Adjective to describe her: Upstander

Description: Jessica is an upstander. Whenver she notices that someone is getting bullied, she stops it. When Alexia started bullying Danielle, Jessica defended her and became her friend when no one else would.
Adjective to describe her: Bully

Description: Alexia is always trying to start girl drama wars and getting the girls to be turn on each other. Most people follw her. Alexia is sometimes nice or mean to Danielle but always tells lies to get other people mad.
Adjective to describe her: Shy

Description: Anna is very shy and has no friends. She loves her mom and that is her best friend. A few weeks into school, Jessica start playing with her and Danielle and then they become friends.
Adjective to describe her: Bullied

Description: Danielle is always getting bullied by Alexia. Alexia always call Danielle as fat as a whale, but Alexia once comforted Danielle just to get back at Jessica because Jessica decided to be friends with Danielle even though Alexia told her not to.
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