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Copy of Five Paragraph Essay

No description

Jamie Heath

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Five Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph Essay Conclusion: Introduction: Anatomy: Once you've mastered this, other essays become easier Body Paragraphs Grabs reader's attention

Explains why your topic is relevant + necessary

Kind of like the trailer for a movie--readers will know what you're writing about, but they won't have all the exciting details just yet.

...and most importantly.... Introduction + Thesis Statement is so, so important THESIS STATEMENT
aka: claim your essay just won't work without one THINGS THAT A GOOD THESIS STATEMENT DOES:

Clearly states the main idea of your essay Let's look at some examples: If I were writing an essay about the awesomeness of five paragraph essays, my thesis statment might say: "Five paragraph essays are awesome because they provide a definite structure to your essays, help keep writers organized, and are clear for readers." If I were writing an essay about why Batman is the best superhero, my thesis statement might go something like this: "Batman is obviously the best superhero because he drives the best car (the batmobile), has the best costume, and gets to hang out in the batcave." What do both of these thesis statements have in common? POP QUIZ: Contains a mini-map or blueprint for the rest of your essay by providing
three structural clues. So...what are the structural clues? #1 "...he drives the best car" #2 "...has the best costume" #3 "...gets to hang out in the batcave" Why do we use them? hint: it's because they set-up what each of your body paragraphs will be about Body Paragraph #1 would be all about why Batman's car, the batmobile, is the best Body Paragraph #2 would be all about why Batman's costume is the best. Body Paragraph #3 would be all about how awesome it is to be able to hang out in the batcave. there are always three, and
here's what each one should do... Go into all the juicy details. Stay on topic and reinforce your thesis statement by using facts, observations, opinions, and beliefs. Transition smoothly into the paragraph that comes next. (we'll practice this) This is where you re-emphasize your main point (but with different words) Body paragraph 1 Body paragraph 2 Body Paragraph 3 Conclusion It's also the place where you get to explain why what you've said in your essay matters and why readers should care about it. We will read and talk more about this as we continue...
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