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Program Foundations

No description

Sarah Bouchie

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Program Foundations

Program Strategy
Global Strategy
Program Fundamentals
Core Outcomes
Area of Excellence
Core Intent
Organizational Theory of Change
Project to Programs
Program Principles
Life Stage Theories of Change
Program Characteristics
Values and Operating Principles
Insert LS TOCs Graphic
insert LS TOC Toolkit images
Contextual Analysis
Insert tools for Situational Analysis including
participatory research with children – child an youth agency standards of practice
Situational Analysis
DEV analysis
Gender analysis
Children's perspectives
Donor scan
Civil society scan
Peer organizations
Local organizations
Country Strategic Plan
insert pic or hyperlink of:
CSP guidance
Scenario Planning
Project Plans
Insert hyperlink to PDG
Insert a list with what is in a PDD

Project rationale
Replication proven method scale up
Interventions aligned to program strategy
Log frames
Results based framework
Local Partner Strategic Plan
In the future we will work with LPs on their strategic plans
Insert guidance
Managing for a Strong
Core Program

Our Monitoring and Learning Systems
Describe the Level Two Standards that relate to these parts and Qualitative Reflection
Description of Level 2 Program Standards and monitoring and learning system
Annual Partner Reviews
and Level 1 Standards
National Office Monitoring and Learning System
Technical Standards and Indicators selected by NOs with Local and out into a results framework
Partners Level 3 Evaluations for selected projects

Area Strategic Plan
What do we put in?
Contents of an ASP?
Do we add a learning plan box?
FY14 Plan
Insert hub link to an explanation of how the plan fits together
Frequently Asked Questions
insert hub link to a document or video
ChildFund International Foundations
Organizational Values
Program Principles
Insert LS1 TOC
Insert LS2 TOC
Insert LS3 TOC
What is a Theory of Change?
See the FAQs
I don't think the situational analysis is in a formal monitoring and learning system - do we put something in a box here that we expect to happen on the NO level?
I assume that we put this in twice?
Reference the FAQ on what is a TOC
ASP guidance
Should include the M&E plan description or better yet a graphic of how all of these yellow boxes fit together - what is NO specific and what is globally standard
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