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Sammi Le

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of BIS PPT

What else can the government do ?
Benefits of e-government interoperability
From the point of view of three aspects
Prepared by: Le Huyen Mi, Ngan Yeuk Ki Yackie, Tsang Chui Ting, Yeung Sin Yan
This focus on three ares
Challenges of e-government interoperability
E-Government Interoperability
Business Information System
HKU SPACE Community College
Higher Diploma in Financial Information Management ( Double Award)

Current situations about e-government services in Hong Kong
Digital interactions of
Hong Kong government
E-government services to citizens (G2C)
E-government services to business (G2B)
Government-to-employees (G2E)
Government-to-government (G2G)
Enhance the communication between internal and external government departments
Get the service efficiency
Saving time and cost
More easily to get the new information, and policy of government
National relationship
Improve cross-border cooperation
Help create the infrastructures necessary to solve cross-border problems
Promote trade
Develop a e-voting system
Advantages :
Reduce the cost of a voting
Environmental friendly
Faster and more accurate
Avoid invalidated votes
Hong Kong government
Maintain the position as
Asia’s leading digital city
Introduced the
Digital 21 Strategy
as a blueprint
Made a concentrated effort to enhance e-government services
This report provides ......

Online business and trade Services
for specific business activities
can deal with significant business transaction
Internal operations and administrative support --
ICT Collaboration with the Mainland
utilization of road cargo system are over 36 million
trade declaration system near to 19 million
favorable to use online trading service
the engagement of the business sector is high

Current situation about e-government in Hong Kong

Benefits and challenges of e-government interoperability
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Central Computer Centers(CCC)

Online business application
15 applications available for business organization
e.g. e-Registry
1. Particular cloud computing resource platform
2. Mobile applications (Apps)
Mobile subscriber penetration rate was
, up to Jan 2014
Over 50 mobile applications
are launched
"My Observatory"
has been highly popular among citizens
Source: http://www.hko.gov.hk/myobservatory_e.htm
2. “Hong Kong-Macao-Guangdong Planning and Infrastructure Database"

Use of information and communication technologies
Ability of supporting the information technology system
E-government interoperability
Business processes to exchange and share information and knowledge
Benefit to both citizens and government
Different districts work together
Two or more divergent government information
Communication technology systems exchange information and data
1. Mobile websites --- GovHK
One-stop portal
which provides numerous online services
Over 60,000
notifications and remainders
Support government operations

The End
Thank you!
Cloud computing
The privacy problems of the data owner
Open government
Conflict in disclosing documents between the public and the government

Huge amount of documents
delay of information

Smart city initiatives
people do not have the knowledge of computer may not be benefit
technology keeps updating
large amount of cost
prepare budget
long term project
may face uncertain condition
eliminate time for provisions of computer resources from 10 weeks to 5 days
save 20-30% computer resources
e.g. Fire Services Department implies system and mobile working platform
cross-linked cloud-related technologies, services and industry development
delivers updated data which is covered three side
May not have the ability to deal with the emergency request
E-government in Hong Kong
provides e-services to various groups of users
benefits lots of users
is in mature phrase
has some challenges in
cloud computing
open government
smart city initiatives
Increased transparency
Get more accurate data and information
Reduce the cost of service delivery
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