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Patria Mirabal

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Transcript of Patria Mirabal

Patria Mirabal
Mercedes Reyes Camilo
Parents: Mercedes Reyes Camilo &Enrique Mirabal.

Name: Aída Patria Mercedes Mirabal Reyes

Born :February 27th 1924, Ojo de Agua,
Salcedo Dom. Rep
Died :November 25th 1960
Maried to Pedro A. González
Occupation :mercanografa
Raul Ernesto Gonzales Mirabal.
Noris Mercedes Gonzales Mirabal Nelson Enrique Gonzales Mirabal.
Juan Antonio Gonzales Mirabal.

Patria Mirabal Reyes
The oldest of the Mirabal sisters, she is the most religious. At first she planned to enter a convent but then chose to marry Pedrito Gonzales at the age of 16. Her full name is Patria Mercedes Mirabal.
Juan Capellan 2012-1148
Enmanuel del Rosario 2011-1473
Katherine Rosario 2011-1953
Raul Martinez 2012-0724
Marie Junie Belfort 2011-1468
They named "Patria" by being born on the date of independence of our country. she was Artist in nature, since she had little interest in painting, in which she took refuge in the intimate and tragic moments of his life. sHe graduated from middle school and graduated from Immaculate Conception School in La Vega.

when she was very young she married Pedro A. Gonzalez
Pedro A. Gonzalez
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