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No description

Midoridegraauw Degraauw

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Scientology2

Scientology A new kind of religion? Xenu 75 million years ago our galaxy consisted of 26 stars and 76 planets, one of which was Earth These planets were all largely over populated containing around 178 billion people on each There was one single ruler whom governed the galaxy and all within... A system based on the seeking of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfilment through graded courses of study and training A body of beliefs and related practices A gateway to a better life? Or a gateway into
a lifelong commitment? to a made up version of history and reality? A version of reality created by a single man, L.Ron.Hubbard According to Hubbards religion... When these planets started to suffer a large problem with overpopulation, Xenu's solution to the issue at hand was to gather large numbers of people and then proceed to; kill them, freeze their souls (known as thetans), then move the frozen thetans to our Earth where they were then placed into volcanoes. After a series of nuclear explosions all the thetans were then destroyed. After his act of violence against his people the remaining population of Xenu's galactic Federation then rebelled against him in a six year battle to capture and imprison him. After succeeding they then trapped him on a planet, now a barren desert on an unnamed world where... Xenu still lives and exists today... The thetans that had been captured by Xenu and exploded are the origins of thetans. Each human now has his or her own thetan inside their soul. Once accepting the religion of Scientology, the Scientologists will purify your thetan, assisting them to get past their prior traumas, at which point they will then leave your body and free you. This is the mythical story created by L.Ron.Hubbard, that influenced the start of the religion that Scientologists now base their practices and beliefs upon. and Scientology is now regarded as a religion around the world, with over

supporters and churches now existing in six of our seven continents and is gaining popularity across the globe
as they lure in our deep pocketed celebrities. Tom Cruise John Travolta Katie Holmes or does she wants out...? L.Ron.Hubbard So WHO Is If you think this all sounds far fetched now, wait until you find out about L.Ron Hubbard... 8,000,000 and that is how the story of Scientology evolved why? Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, born March 13, 1911, died January 24, 1986. Best known for writing science fiction and fantasy stories and for developing a self help system called Dianetics, which was first published in May 1950 He underwent a long suffering of psychological and psychiatric issues, avoiding treatments, experiencing long periods of moroseness and suicidal inclinations or maybe it has something to do with all of the recorded missing persons cases... Perhaps it has something to do with the inside stories being told from Scientology escapees and survivors... Lisa Allen helped make the Scientology training films Jennifer Alpers CO of the Commander's Messenger Organization Tanya Alexander R Comps Secretary, head of LRH Compilations and also was a Master at Arms/Ethics Officer Mary Arbuckle
Gail Armstrong
Cheryl Azevedo
Allen Baumgarten
Russ Bellin
Alison Biggs
Angie Blankenship
Dave Bloomberg
Pam Bolstad/Gumm
Veronique Bromberg
Pat Buglewicz
Marcia Callahan
Aleah Chisholm Qual
Amy Clifford
Lise Cohee
Amy Conley
Gary Conley
Debbie Cook
Astra Parselle Croft
Geray Cruzen
Rick Cruzen
Tony DeCrescenzo
Julia Delderfield
Tom DeVocht
Blandine DeVries
Liz Engen
Sarah Fear
Frank Fehn
Pauline Flood
Tom Ford
Monica Grannis
Russ Grielich
Laurence Guenot
Bettina Henderson
Dave Henderson
Steve Hodkin
Karen Hollander
Stephanie Horwich
Becky Hughes
Debbie Hughes
Greg Hughes
Marta Idda
Liz Ingber
Mark Ingber
Michelle Jaramillo
Kristina Jensen
Mette Jensen
Heber Jentzsch
Charles Johnson
Pall Johansson
Sharon Johnston
Jacqueline Kevenaar
Coby Knight
Sue Koon
Theresa Laner
Susie LaPlaine
Tim Larson
Tanja Lefevre
Kathy Lemmer
Angie LeMoine
Robert Lemoine
Andy Lenarcic
Guillaume Lesevre
Gary Lew
Jenny Linson
Tammy Lundeen
Aron Mason
Barbara McHenry
Janet McLaughlin
Carly McShane
Marcy McShane
Abigail Miller
Ray Mithoff
Bruno Moresi
Jan Mortensen
Clark Morton
Barbara Newton
Cory Norton
Anna Maria Ogeltree
Claudia Olander
John Oldfield
Jan Olsen
Cathy Ondreicka
James Perry
Marie-Noel Pietch
Lucky Porter
Marion Pouw
Urd Priester
Marty Rathbun
Ellen Reynolds
Wendell Reynolds
Cathy Rinder
Mike Rinder
Linda Rodin
Steve Rule
Faith Shermerhorn
Peter Schless
Rita Schwartzgruber
Deborah Siegal
Ingrid Sjogren
Denise Sommerville
Josie Spittell
Lyman Spurlock
Daniella Starkey
Norman Starkey
Jon Stumbke
Anke Sutter
Fred Swartz
Michelle Tampion
Melita Tampion
Fleur Thomas
Katie Tisi
Bert Trussell
Jens Urskov
Tom Vorm
Bruce Wagoner
Karen Wagoner
Cebron Walker
Danielle Walker Bailey
Rena Weinberg
Richard Welch
Michelle Wheelis
Jessica Wieneke
Kurt Wieland
Gary Wiese
Greg Wilhere
Kirsti Wilhere
Sue Wilhere
Diane Williams
Tom Willis
Marc Yager
Laurie Zurn and the list goes on... MISSING all once Scientologists... a body of practices that revolve around a space ruler who lived millions of years ago, created by a man who writes science fiction novels and has psychological difficulties that now is making billions of dollars out of its millions of followers who occasionally go missing. Scientology; and quoted that
"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." and that is exactly what he did... now all gone... Kimberly
de Graauw
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