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No description

Grahm Bellin

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Capsim

Finance Human Resources Marketing Production Research
& Design Best Sensors in Town compared our prices with competitor's prices
made sure our customer awareness and accessibility were high
based projections on segment growth and hopeful attainable market share for upcoming year Implementation Total Resources Paid top dollar for no strike days,
low turnover, and creative thinking

Less spent on recruiting and training
hours - best or tied in profit sharing and annual raise. Mission Statement The Erie Group is a world leader in the high-technology sensor industry.
We are dedicated to the development, delivery, and support of a superior product, with a complete emphasis on top-quality customer service and product satisfaction. Internal Analysis The Erie Group strengths and competitive advantage lies within
our resources and capabilities. We used a
Resource-Based View to analyze our internal environment. Valuable - created high value for high end products

Imitability - it is easily copied

Rarity - yes, only 5 other firms

Organization - all products and personnel strive for current strategy External Analysis The Erie Corporation has an in-depth comprehensive
view of our external environment.
We used a Porter's 5 Forces in analyzing our working environments: EBB EAT EGG EDGE exact or better with customer expectations for size and performance for the most part for each product

initial low end product entered into traditional segment to increase market share for traditional segment

launched a new low end segment in year 5 to attain some market share in this segment Think INNOVATIVE!

What does the customer want? ERIE ERIE Suppliers - high, top end parts for sensors from specialized manufacturers

Entrants - low, start-up costs are high

Rivals - high, some firms with same strategy with identical products

Buyers - low, high quality sensors

Substitutes - low, almost no substitute for this type of product Strategy DIFFERENTIATION = The Erie Corporation Grahm Bellin
Matt Massingill
April Robinson
Alex Rowland
Zel Talley Agenda:
1. Mission Statement
2. Internal Analysis
3. External Analysis
4. Strategy
5. Learning Curve
6. Products
7. Strengths and Weaknesses
8. Future Strengths: Weaknesses: Learning Curve Difficulty Time (Years) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Products Eat - Traditional Ebb - Low End then Traditional Echo - High End Egg - Size Edge - Performance Erkle - Introduced in Low End Future Plans Innovative High Compensation for creative thinking Customer
Feedback High End Products The ERIE Corporation Thank you! Tried to produce 100 units over sales forecast for each product


Plant size Issued common stock in early years

Never issued bonds

Retired common stock in later years

Emergency loan in years 5 and 6 Labor and Material Costs


Learning Curve -
still learning


Plant Size Profitable with
all products

Profitable every

No long term debt Keep Differentiation Strategy

Issue bonds and long-term debt to improve automation and plant size

Introduce more products in less competitive segments

Spend more money on reducing labor and material costs in TQM Quality Management Focused on R & D at first
Focused on Labor reduction in later years
Big learning curve for TQM
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