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What is out there for me?

No description

Jelyssa Luc

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of What is out there for me?

What is out there for me?
By Jelyssa Luc
My ideal career field:
Medicine and health
I chose this field because I enjoy helping people and I love anatomy and science. Any career in the medical field is difficult however I am goal oriented and I put a lot of work, effort, and dedication into challenges I take on.
Family Physician
Nurse Practitioner
Job description
Work hours
Education, training, and practical experience
A family physician is a health care professional who treats common illnesses and injuries that transpire day-to-day. To do that, they go through a basic process consisting of diagnosing illnesses or injuries by completing a series of physical exams and looking through the patient's medical histories. Tests such as x-rays and blood tests are used to recognize more difficult illnesses and injuries. The doctor would then analyze and interpret the results of the test and recommend treatment such as surgery or rehabilitation. However, when conditions are more severe, the patient would be referred to a specialist. Family physicians develop connections with their patients overtime by caring for them for generations and often their families too. Family physician is a difficult career because constant dedication to your work and patients is necessary and important.
Two to three years of undergraduate university education involving many required science courses.
Applicants to medical school often have bachelor degrees to increase admission chances (four years for bachelors degree) and some even masters (two years after bachelors). Writing an exam called Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) may also be required.
Applicants with highest marks are likely to get in but other characteristics schools look for include leadership, volunteer work, and extracurricular activities.
Four years of medical school.
About two to three years of residency.
Complete exams designed by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).
A total of about fifteen years of education after high school to become a family physician.
That concludes my presentation.
Physicians generally care for patients in offices, clinics, or hospitals. Those who work in an office or clinic are usually self-employed.
Work hours vary depending on whether the physician works at his or her own practice or has joined a group practice. Joining a group practice with other doctors is beneficial especially for beginners because there is less overtime, more time off, and less pressure of starting a business. Physicians are often on call and working in a group practice, there are on call rotations so its not always the same doctor whereas in your own practice you would always be on call. Physicians work long hours, particularly when first starting their career. On average, they can be expected to work more than fifty hours usually from Monday to Friday. Work schedules for physicians aren't always consistent making it difficult to balance life in and out of work.
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