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My name assignment 2013

No description

Louise O'Brien-Pounde

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of My name assignment 2013

TERM 1 7B 2013 Whats the national origin of my name? 6)Do I have a nick-name?What is it,do you like it and who uses it? Phillipa Megan O'Brien-Pounde 1)If I was born the opposite gender,what would I of been called? 2) Who was my name chosen by? 7) If i could choose my own name,what would
I chose? 1)My parents debated on a number of names if I was going to be a girl or a boy.
They at that time could only come to an agreed girls name however couldn't agree on a boy name.They were pleased that I was a girl! 2) My name 'Phillipa' was chosen by my Mother.
My Mum chose the name Phillipa because she liked the sound of the name,it was also an unusual name and mum had so many brothers,sisters and cousins and no one had been called the name Phillipa. 3)What does my name mean? 3)Phillipa means "lover of horses" or "horses' friend". Me!!
No,I wasn't named after someone
specifically. 4) Was I specifically
named after someone? 5) Do any Famous People share my name?
For what are they famous? Philippa Middleton, English - Sister of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. The origin Phillipa comes from is Greek
there are 2 ways you can spell Phillipa
the most common way for Phillipa to be spelt is with 1 L and 2 P's. Yes I do have a nick-name.
My nick-names are Pip,Pippa andPippy.
all my friends call me Pip hardly anyone calls my Phillipa but i do prefer my nick-name by far!
Pippy and Pippa are most commonly used by my cousins alot. If i could chose my own name it would have to be Jenny or Jessica because I really like those names.
I like Jenny because in American the meaning of Jenny is 'God has been gracious" which is like saying God will always forgive you which I especially Love!
Jessica means 'Rich God beholds' which is really a nice meaning to a name and which is saying your loved by God no matter what. 8) Look in the local phone dictionary(online or printed).How many people shared the same last name as you? I looked it up on the internet and had no one with the same last name as O'Brien-Pounde at all. and my
best friend
jenny... By Pip
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