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Albea Genealogy

A time line of the Albea / Alby family genealogy

Valerie Craft

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Albea Genealogy

Albea A Family
History Timeline Thomas Albea
b. Dec 1778, MD
d. 20 Feb 1844, Iredell Co., NC Joseph Alby
b. abt 1746, MD Cassandra
b. abt 1756, MD Rachel Johnson
b. Dec 1783, MD
d. 1883, Iredell Co., NC "Alby" is the original and alternative spelling Thomas and Rachel are buried
in the Mt Bethel Cemetery in
Iredell Co., NC The family
moved to Lincoln
County, Georgia Lincolnton, GA - 1856 Tilman Albea
b. 6 Jul 1806, NC
d. 12 Mar 1886, Lincoln Co., GA Julia Ann Glaze
b. 27 Apr 1817
d. 3 Oct 1892, Lincoln Co., GA Tilman & Julia were married 7 Apr 1833 Thomas T Albea
b. 15 Oct 1845, Lincoln Co., GA
d. 17 Oct 1905, Lincoln Co., GA Sarah Corley
b. abt 1843, GA
d. bef 1884 William A Albea
b. 15 Apr 1872, Lincoln Co., GA
d. 3 Aug 1936, Greewood, SC Nina F Sprouse
b. 7 Mar 1878, Abbeville, SC
d. 26 Oct 1962, Greewood, SC Thomas was a founding member of the Bethany Methodist Church and the first Steward C Vernon Albea
b. 4 Jan 1904, Lincoln Co., GA
d. 25 May 1947, Columbia, SC Auline Witt
b. 29 Jan 1903, Callison, SC
d. 23 Apr 1980, Decatur, GA Roy Albea
b. 20 Aug 1926, Greenwood, SC
d. 13 Sep 2005, Snellville, GA Betty Huyler
b. 7 Nov 1931, Atlanta, GA
d. 1 Oct 2005, Decatur, GA the family
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