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Iowa Model of Evidenced-Based Practice

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jessica castner

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Iowa Model of Evidenced-Based Practice

Iowa Model of Evidenced-Based Practice
Problem Focused Triggers
1. Risk management data
2. Process improvement data
3. Internal/external benchmarking data
4. Financial data
5. Identification of clinical problem
Knowledge Focused Triggers
1. New research or other literature
2. National agencies or organizational
3. Philosophies of care
4. Questions from institutional
standards committee
Is this topic a priority for the organization?
Consider Other Triggers
Form a Team
Assemble Relevant Research and Related Literature
Critique and Synthesize Research for Use in Practice
Is there a sufficient research base?
Pilot the Change in Practice
1. Select outcomes to be achieved
2. Collect baseline data
3. Design EBP Guidelines
4. Evaluate process & outcomes
5. Modify the practice guideline
Is the change appropriate for adoption in practice?
Base Practice on Other Types of Evidence:
1. Case Reports
2. Expert Opinion
3. Scientific Principles
4. Theory
Conduct Research
Institute the Change in Practice
Monitor and Analyze Structure, Process, and Outcome Data

Patient & Family
Disseminate Results
Continue to Evaluate Quality of Care and New Knowledge
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