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Friday, November 14, 2014

No description

Amy Swanson

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Friday, November 14, 2014

Practice with clauses
Which WOD is which?
Roots Quiz
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Hooray! It's Khushi's MVF! Be sure you use the right kind of evidence (from the lyrics on the front; from the video on the back) and that you choose evidence that GENUINELY supports your claims!
You will receive three strips. On two of the strips, write independent clauses (these have a subject, have a verb, AND express a complete thought.) On the smaller strip, write a subordinating conjunction like: Because, when, if, so, but, since, or.
Next, draw a name from the jar. Put together the strips you made and the strips your partner made to create as many compound sentences as possible.
Tangerine Anticipation Guide
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Do your best! Don't communicate during a quiz.
Check your work carefully. Draw or write on the back when finished. Or, you may read.
First, complete the AG on your own. Respond to each statement by agreeing or disagreeing, and then write down an example.
WODs Stories
Take out your WODS stories. We will now draw FIVE names to share WODS stories. Don't volunteer. We will draw names!
Do Now: 11.13.14
Table For...
TANGERINE quickwrite
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Admiration, Music Video Friday, and Anticipation Guides for upcoming novels
Now, listen carefully. Take your AG with you. I will call out, "Question One, Table for FOUR!" and you must find four people to stand with and discuss statement one. Next, I may say "Statement Two, Table for THREE!" and you must move and stand with three people. Each time you move, you may only stand with ONE other person you've already talked with.
Friday, November 14, 2014
In the journal section of your binder, free-write about the following for ten minutes. We will then have the opportunity to share some of our thoughts.

It's our last quote on admiration! When you finish copying the quote and author and formulating a response, choose one of the following options:
1. Create your own "quote" that says something about envy and admiration
2. Draw a picture that represents the difference between envy and admiration.
3. Write a haiku distinguishing between envy and admiration (5,7,5-syllables)
"Admiration is great, but there is a line not to cross."
-Taissa Farmiga
Envy will destroy
Admiration will inspire
Only you can choose
QUICKWRITE questions (you don't have to respond to all of them; just some of them).
Are parents usually,always, never sometimes fair? Do parents show favoritism with their children? What will you do differently if you ever become a parent? Is it possible to treat two, or more, children fairly and/or equally? Write about a time you've experienced, seen, heard about, or read about a parent being biased or unfair.
SHARING our detective stories...
Ok, here goes. I don't know how we
can possibly share ALL of our stories.
So, what if we split into smaller groups
and share them... We can draw names
and make small groups of six, maybe?
That we, we can feasibly share a few
stories and videos without it taking

In your small groups
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