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정환 강

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Capacitive touch
Eelectric conductor
Principle of capacitive touch
Principle of capacitive touch
Smart Phone

Capacitive touch’s Strong point
1. Possibility of Multi-touch

2. More soft

3. More fast

4. cause less malfunction

Capacitive touch’s Weak point
1. More expensive

2. Touching is impossible wearing a glove

3. More electric power consumption

Multi-touch is?
Multi-touch is a technology that Touch pad and touch screen recognizes the multiple touch points at the same time
It can  performs more various operations than single-touch
From Single Touch to Multi Touch
It recognizes only the one tip of the hand of the user,

Lack of interest in multi-touch technology
The appearance
 of the iPhone

MS also released as
 a combination of multi touch in the window
4)In the restaurant
Touch me
기계공학부 200621105 강정환
재료공학부 201223102 강경은
기계공학부 200921126 권준호
기계공학부 201121297 유소영
기계공학부 201321223 문혜영

First, the multi touch has come into the spotlight since the multi touch screen
applied to Apple’s i-phone in 2007. Core technology of Multi touch which started
of i-phone is Multi-touch Gesture. Multi-touch Gesture is that you can control multiply by touching the screen with fingers or pen at the same time.

Tablet PC

Example 2 : Future
In the future, we will be more exposed multi-touch-technology in our life.
1)In the morning,
we will wake up,
while we touch bed.

2)In the office
3)In the school
In these days, Multi touch is the big trend of Smart phone. And it has opened
the Tablet PC market since it applied to ipad. Multi touch has applied various
parts including the big desktop PC.

multi touch are being
used in daily life

Multi touch technology develop

evolution of Multi touch

- Our selecting is visible.
- The clerk isn't necessary.
- Totally, automatic restaurant
system is possible.
5) In the hospital, touch-technology will make good medical quality.
6) In the art world,
the new genre of art will show up.
The types of touch
Pressure sensitive
Capacitive touch
Pressure sensitive touch
The method of calculating the x, y electrodes
when the screen is pressured.
liquid-crystal – flims – transparent conductive film
◆ Easy touch by even nonconductor object.

◆ Cheap prices than other touch panel.

◆ No matter what the liquid was stained, touch is accomplished.


◆ Low speed

◆ Multi-touch is impossible

◆ Malfuction probability by contact with
other things.

◈The effect of new touch system

▶ Activation of the relevant market associated with touch technology

▶The extension of the operating range and use hierarchy

◈Outlook & implication

▶Multi-touch is a trend in Touch market
- i-phone: create a demand 
for multi-touch mobile phone
- Windows 7:  Entry into the market
  of multi-touch desktop

▶The demand for hardware and software that use
 multi touch in the future and will continue to increase

▶Lack of standardization of technology
→ need of Applied technology development

▶continuous innovation is required, because consumers
 expect the technology of multi-touch or more.

Thank you for listening
7) In the society, hand motion for touching will be a new language.
8)In the industrial world, fusion of touching and wearable technology will make keyboard and mouse become extinct.
Q & A
There are a lot of cases of the multi touch are being used in daily life.
As the Multi touch technology developed the whole field, it has evolved increasingly and a new Technology is also being developed.
These kind of the evolution of Multi touch have helped to save time and enjoying daily life.
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