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see aggression, do aggression prezi

psychology research project

Songil Ro

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of see aggression, do aggression prezi

, Do

See Aggression, Do Aggression

children would copy adults' aggressive actions
would imitate same sex model than opposite sex
boys are more likely to be aggressive than girls
children who are not exposed to aggression are not less aggressive than who were exposed.

Social Learning Theory
36 boys and 36 girls,
From Stanford Nursery School,
average age 4 years and 4 months old.

24 children in the control group,
8 experimental groups. (boys and girls are divided)

Children in experimental groups watch the model and then are left alone to see if they "copy" the model.

Measures of Aggression:
- imitation of model (aggression)
- verbal aggression
- mallet aggression (hitting other objects)
-aggression not performed by model

Three out of four of the predictions were supported by the results..
Children exposed to the violet model tended to imitate the same behavior they have observed when adults are not present.
The results indicated that while children of both genders in the non-aggressive group are less aggressive than the control group, boys who had observed an opposite-sex model behavior non-aggressively were more likely than those in the control group to engage in violence.
The results also showed that boys would behave more aggressively than girls. Boys engaged in more than twice as many acts of aggression than the girls.

This experiment tested that children learn and follow the same sex adult figure.
by: Jacky Yeh, Emilie khoury, Felix Kei, Kelly Ro
Aggression - biologically programed?
or artificial?
why are people aggressive?
Does external factors lead children to act aggressively?
Albert Bandura, Dorothea Ross and Shelia Ross
Stanford University, 1961
Bobo Doll Experiment
demonstrated how children learn aggression
children develop personality by learning,
learning takes place when they interact with other people.
see whether aggressiveness can be artificial
does children develops their personality by observing others
Example 2: If the adult figure ignores the bobo doll and deal with the non aggressive toys, the child with ignore the bobo doll and play with the toys.
Example 1: If the adult figure acts aggressively to the bobo doll, such as, hitting it with a hammer, kicking it around the room, lifting it up, and use a gun to threaten it. The child will imitated the adult and acts aggressively.
Freud's idea
Nature vs Nurture
ex) learn aggression from watching
hostile adults
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