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Persuasive Writing

No description

Hannah Burson

on 4 February 2011

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing Techniques Transfer This ad is transfering the traits of being tough from the Rhino to the car. This ad is an example of bandwagon. It also has loaded words like awesome. It also has over simplification by saying that all it takes is three minutes to prepare. What about the time it takes to boil water? The red herring "free refills" is used to distract a person from the scare tactic of having your "fingernails removed." False Cause and Effect Peer pressure Plain Folks- This ad tries to relate to the farmers in Kentucky and uses bandwagon to try to get you to become one. Band Wagon! Join the party! This ad is saying that the world smokes so why shouldn't you? Red Herring Circular Reasoning Personal Attack Loaded Words This ad uses loaded words by saying that chewing this gum is like eating the sun Katy Perry is
a celebrity representing the proactiv acne treatment Testimonial This ad is attacking Obama by calling him a snob Personal Attack Scientific Claims Emotional Appeal this ad uses emotional words and pictures to sell a saxophone. Over Generalization Card Stacking this ad is listing all the things that the politician stands for This ad is attacking Obama
and saying he's a terrorist.
Repitition This ad is circular reasoning because it says the same thing in a circle. Logical Fallacies This ad is saying that if you drink this slushie you get an extreme effect. This ad is saying that the coverage is really big, which it might not be. This Ad is using
a scientific claim to say that the toothpaste lasts for 12 hours and is "clinically proven" This ad uses repition to say that this camera can take lots and lots of pictures. An anecdote is used in this ad to try to get people to donate money to the ASPCA. Anecdote This says a false logical statement. This makes you use logic to think that if the envirement changes so do you. Logical Appeal By: Hannah Burson Tori Brewer Magda Olivas- Cardiel Thanks For WATCHING :D Self Contradiction This guy is saying that homeschooling is bad when there is no evidence of that being true and all the evidence is saying is that homeschooling is good Euphemism This ad is saying that the salads are fresh but we ALL know that they aren't. For Ethos Logos Logos Logos Logos Logos
Ethos Ethos Ethos Pathos Logos Ethos Logos Logos Logos Logos Logos Ethos Pathos Ethos Pathos Resources -Google images
-Google images
-Google Images
-Google images
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-Google images

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