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Forensic Science Prezi

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Elaine Cerrato Fisher

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Forensic Science Prezi

Lisa Le
Elaine Cerrato Fisher Forensic Science: A Journey through High-School Science Curriculum Forensic Science Courses What's Happening In the News Discipline and tools of forensic science Objectives are clearly written and carried out in each class and/or laboratory activity daily.
The standards governing the NOS are clearly stressed throughout the school year.
The Comprehensive Instructional Strategy (CIS) provided by the instructor successfully identified the fundamental concepts of forensic science.
Concepts presented in the text are appropriately consistent with the NSES and NGSSS
At least 3 laboratory activities dedicated to each chapter.
Visuals are relevant to the student's objectives and learning outcomes. Strengths in the Curriculum Limitations to the Curriculum Students can gain insight into science and technology careers at "Science Night" http://bartow.wtsp.com/content/students-can-gain-insight-science-and-technology-careers-science-night
Traveling skulls visit Musselman High School http://journal-news.net/page/content.detail/id/593518/Traveling-skulls-visit-Musselman-High-School.html?nav=5006 Materials aligned with text do not fully support students with deep conceptual understanding of content.
Text-based writing is "very basic" and "to-the-point"
Lacks descriptive explanations and details pertaining to each topic
Required considerable resources to facilitate meaning-making opportunities for students
The history of science is not significantly emphasized throughout the curriculum.
Minimal investigations related to physics in both text and teacher supplements.
Curriculum does not provide many avenues of inquiry for physical science. What Forensic Science "Can Look Like" in HS Textbook used in face-to-face H.S. course HCPS Secondary
Forensic Science Virtual Options http://secondary.mysdhc.org/science/FR1/FR1_Home http://www.trutv.com/shows/forensic_files/index.html Forensic Files on truTV What questions do you have? Thank you for your attention and feedback!! Fundamental Concepts:
blood spatters and patterns
fracture patterns (bone, glass)
light, refractive index
sound--voice patterns
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