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Rebecca Caudill

No description

Laura Malewig

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Rebecca Caudill

The Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Book Award
Who is Rebecca Caudill?
Tree of Freedom: Newbery Honor Winner in 1950
A Pocket Full of Cricket: Caldecott Honor Book
Lived in Urbana, Illinois for 50 years
She is honored with the Caudill Award because of her literary talents and universal appeal
1. Nominator must have read the book.
2. Book must have literary merit.
3. Book must be of interest and have
appeal to children in grades 4-8.
4. Book’s earliest United States copyright
date in any format must be within five
years of nomination.
5. Book must be in print at the time of
6. Author must be living at the time of
7. Book may be fiction, nonfiction, or
8. Book may not be:
A textbook
An anthology
A sequel or series entry other than the first
Formula fiction
Translated from a non-English language
Adapted from plays, documentaries, or previously published works
Based upon characters or stories originally produced in television, film, games,
or other media
9. Book can not have appeared on a previous RCYRBA Master List.

The Purpose of the Award
To encourage children and young adults to read for personal satisfaction.
To develop a statewide awareness of outstanding literature for children and young people and to promote a desire
for literacy.
To encourage cooperation among Illinois agencies providing educational and library service to young people.

A Few Words from Rebecca Caudill...
“The first essential in any book is that it have something significant to say --a book that leaves the reader with bigger ideas than when he began reading - that stimulates his thinking, stretches his mind, deepens his feelings. A good book sticks to your ribs.”
– Rebecca Caudill

What book(s) do you use in your classroom that exemplify the quality of universal appeal?
Nominations, Voting and the 2013 Winner!
Criteria for Book Nomination
can be made by:
Students in grades 4-8
Public Librarians
School Library Media Specialists

can take place any day in February
for Students Grades 4-8
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