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College Etiquette

Wed. Workshop

Student Enrichment

on 2 November 2018

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Transcript of College Etiquette

College Etiquette:
In-class Etiquette/Professor'quette
Good idea
What is it?
In-class Etiquette
Professional Mannerisms for Today's College Student
Arrive on time, prepared, and ready to participate.
Bad idea
Arrive late and ask what you've missed.
Using technology during class for educational purposes.
Using technology during class because you're bored.
Respect your classmates' opinions.
Expressing your opinion to intentionally "go there".
Trying to explain an excuse to a person with a Master's or Doctorate's degree.
Taking advantage of online learning to suit you and your family's needs.
Kids in class.
Working with the professor to turn in late assignments, complete make-up work, reschedule tests, etc.
Avoid slang (e.g., wassup), “text language” (e.g. LOL), and offensive language or images.
Respect others’ opinions even if they are different from your own.
Do not use ALL CAPS as it symbolizes shouting.
Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you receive.
Know your rights:
Make success a priority:
Set clear goals.
Keep organized.
Don't procrastinate.
Resources and help:
One Stop
Nampa, Ada, and Canyon County
Tutoring and Writing Center
Student Workshops
College Career and Transfer Center

in-class etiquette.



Good idea
Good idea
Good idea
Good idea
Bad idea
Bad idea
Bad idea
Bad idea
Good idea
Staying at home when you are sick (your instructor will understand).
Bad idea
Going to class and sharing your misery with classmates and instructors.
Get involved:
Student Clubs and Organizations
Student and Community Events
Keep in mind you are only
getting partial credit for
it because you turned it in
I think you should come in and visit with
me. It is clear email is not a good way
to discuss this with you. Please know
I have not entered final grades yet. I
was out of town for a few day, and since
have been down with the flu. Thus,
nothing final has been submitted. When
is a good time to meet with you at Ada?
this is (student name), i was looking at my grade for the portfolio and it said i have a zero for it...Why is that?
I did the portfolio just like i was told or at least the best i could. So i see one of two things happened,
1. you guys didnt grade them or 2. one of you dont like me and skipped over my portfolio.
Now i know this doesnt sound like a very good email but this is how i react when i work my ass off in a class
and get a zero on the final. So you can either talk to me or email me back.
Thank you
Student Name
I know you said you would look over my work and see what you could do for me but here is the thing..
.The class already done and over with, and i look at my grades at the end of every week and there still has been no change.
I want this changed and i want credit for the assignments that i did do.
I did every assignment EXCEPT the accepted assignment because is was a dumb movie and pointless. I really like you as a teacher
but i'm not happy when i get told one thing and that one thing never gets done...In this case it is my grade you said i would get partial credit
and i said it was fine and here we are going around in a circle about the same damn thing. I worked my ass off in your class and i do not
deserve to have a zero in your class. you can email me if you need to
I am sending you this response to address your concern for your grade. Your portfolio was late, and thus your grade on the portfolio was reduced by 50% as per our earlier email.
Please know, I did not lower your grade on the Reflection Paper, even though technically it was late as well as it was due with your portfolio.
You did not turn in the Accepted assignment or complete the discussion board assignments, which leaves you 43 points short of passing the course. If your portfolio had been on time, and or you had completed the discussion boards and Accepted assignment, you would have easily passed the course.
If you have a proposal about how to make up the missing points, I am willing to consider this. I would like to see all students pass the course.
I would prefer to discuss this in person, and agree on a plan. You said you were very busy with work and school. How would you like to proceed?
This is an actual example of an email conversation between instructor and student.
Names have been changed to protect the identity of the parties involved. Think about the repeat errors in punctuation, grammar, and civility that you come across.
I didn't know you were out of town. I understand that you have been busy but that is what communication is for...no offense...
I have a phone, the email, and the school you could've contacted me. I have been waiting to hear what my grade will because it was a little late,
and as i told you i have worked hard in your class and done everything i have been asked except the Accepted assignment because that
movie was pointless and i didnt see the point in writing a paper on something that was pointless. That is the only one assignment i did not do.
i did everything else and the DB's... I am a little upset that no one bothered to contact me about the postponing of the final grade, i may not
have been the best to get along with but when it comes to a final grade and not knowing what is going on, i freak out a little.
Again i worked my ass off in the class and was there just about everyday, i may not have interacted with the people in the class
or taken notes in class but at least i was there and did the work instead of slacking off like some people do
throughout their years of schooling. Unfortantly i am unavailable for a while because i have school and i work.
In order to consider any opportunities to “make-up” points that you did not earn in the regular 8-week session, you will need to meet with me in-person. I have offered that and requested that we do so now if three separate emails. If you were to appeal any grade at CWI, the first step as per college policy, is to meet with the instructor in-person to discuss the grade. If your grade in this class is a priority, we will need to find a time to meet. I am on campus Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm, and even until 6pm several days. If I do not hear from you by Monday, December 9th, I will enter your final grade for the class as an “F” as that is what earned during the regular-eight week session of STUS 100.

Honestly Instructor i find this extremely ridiculous! I have worked so F-ing hard in your class and yet you fail me.
It has not been fair that you will go and make exceptions for other people in the class but when it comes to me, you will fail me for not doing a couple of assignments!
I will do whatever you guys want me to do to make up the credits but just know that you are a very unfair teacher.

This is bullshit and you know it Instructor!!! What part of I WORK AFTER SCHOOL did you not understand?
I will figure out how the dean of CWI i is and talk to them and then see if you still have a job. I am no longer talking to you,
Just for Fun
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