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No description

ZT zct

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of detective


A detective is a member of a police or a free lancer.
A detective is any licensed or unlicensed person who solves mysteries of crimes.
Job description
The focus questions.
Who is the detective?
What are the skills that a detective should have?
what is the importance of being a detective?
How much is the detective`s bay?
What did you need to study to by a detective?
What are the work conditions that detective works in?
what other jobs that are connected to the detective?
The Skills and Abilities
Has to have good problem solving skills.
Has to work well under pressure.
Has to work with a team.
Has to be very observant.
solving crimes
Protecting his community
applying justice
work out line
Salary Range
Entry: $59,720
Median: $71,530
Experienced: $93,490
1-obtain your high school diploma
2-Attend college in criminal justice
3-Attend police academy
4-Serve anywhere from 4 to ten years
Related Jobs
Police Officer
Forensic Investigator
Security Guard
Working Conditions
Work indoors and outdoors.
Work anytime a day, weekends, and some holidays.
Work more than 40 hours a week.
Wear casual clothes.
May 24, 2012
When you think of the word detective, what are the first FIVE words that come in your head?((write them))
Using the words which you write and your imaginations...draw a detective.

After you draw how much you think the detective get bay
The focus questions.
Job description
The Skills and Abilities
work out line
Salary Range
Related Jobs
Working Conditions
How did my topic
After searching i found that in the UAE the investigator and detective work in the security department and they help the police officer.
How did my topic related to the world
In my opinion,the detective job is very important because he/she solves the mystery and applies justice
related to the UAE
My topic an I
If their are no detective in this world the world well be full of criminal and the innocent people will be in jails.
we will know this and more after i finish this presentation
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