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History: Technology Advancements

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seline yap

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of History: Technology Advancements

Technology Advancements 1914: 1914- NOW - The zip fastener is invented - Gideon Sunback was the inventor of the zipper. - Edwin Armstrong, invented and patented 1914: - The regenerative circuit (FM radio) was invented. the regenerative circuit while he was a junior in college. 1914: - The respiratory protective hood (gas mask) was invented. - Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. (March 4, 1877 – August 27, 1963) invented the respiratory protective hoods. 1915: - John Renshaw Carson (June 28, 1886 - October 31, 1940), invented the single-sideband modulation. - The single-sideband modulation was invented. - Irving Langmuir invented the first tungsten filament. - The first tungsten filament was invented. 1915: 1916: - The tow truck was invented. - A tow truck is a vehicle which is used to transport other motor vehicles when they are no longer on a drivable surface to another location. - Ernest Holmes Senior invented the tow truck. - He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee - He was an inspired garage worker who was determined to find a easier way to pull cars out of a creek. As his designed approved he started manufacturing and selling them 1916: - It was also called a capacitor microphone or electrostatic microphone. - The condenser microphone was invented. - Edward Christopher 'E.C.' Wente invented the condenser microphone at Bell Laboratories. 1916: -The toggle light switch was invented -The design was pattened by William J. Newton, and Morris Goldberg of Lynbrook, New York. 1917: - Paul Langevin discovered sonar echolocation - The sonar echolocation was discovered. 1921: -The air conditioner was invented . -They were put in commercial areas. -Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner. 1927: -Penicillin was discovered. 1928: -Alexander Flemming discovered penicillin in his lab while he was cleaning mold of a petri dish, but around it the bacteria had been killed. With him not being a chemist, he could not isolate it and make it useful past. -In 1921 he patented the centrifugal refrigeration machine. Consumers loved to be in stores and movie theaters that had air conditioning, which made the businesses sky rocket -The "Monitor top" (refrigerator) was invented. -General Electric’s refrigerator was the first widely refrigerator to be used in homes. Even though the coolant, sulfur dioxide, can cause loss of vision and burns, still over 1,000,000 were sold. As time went on and the market expanded they newly discovered a less toxic coolant called freon. -The bazooka was invented by Edward Uhl, and a lieutenant in the United States Army, and Colonel Leslie Skinner. -The bazooka was invented. 1942: -A bazooka is a weapon that can be carried by men that has a solid rocket motor for propulsion, allowing for high explosive without the use of the tank. 1937: -The walkie-talkie was invented. -This was invented by Don Hings. -There had been previous versions of this devise designed as a portable field radios for bush pilots of consolidated mining and smelting; these sites were flown between remote sites in Northern Canada. -The first walkie talkie was called a "pack set", but the name"walkie talkie" was later on coined by journalists reporting on these new inventions during the war. 1938: -The first freely programmable computer was invented. -Konrad Zuse (1910-1995) was a construction engineer for the Henschel Aircraft Company in Berlin, Germany at the beginning of WWII. 1949: -The first crash test dummy was invented. -This was developed by Sierra Engineering Co. under a contract with the United States Air Force, to be used for evaluation of aircraft ejection seats on rocket sled tests. In 1945, Ralph Teetor received his first patent on a speed cruise control device. Early names for his invention included “Controlmatic”, "Touchomatic”, “Pressomatic” and “Speedostat” and finally the familiar name of “Cruise Control”. Teetor thought of inventing cruise control after a jerky car ride. He was being driven by his lawyer, an avid talker, who would slow down and speed up while conversing. Cruise control was first offered in the 1958 Chrysler Imperial, New Yorker and Windsor car models. By 1960, cruise control was offered on all Cadillacs. 1950: -The dinner club credit card was invented -The cards were given out to 200 people (mostly her friends and acquaintances) and accepted by 14 restaurants in New York. The concept of the card later on grew to 20,000 people using the card by he end of the 1950's.
-This is considered the first modern credit card. -McNamara discussed the idea with two colleagues and the three pooled some money and started this new idea. -Frank X. McNamara invented the dinner club card (credit card). 1951: -On June 25 CBC broadcasted their very first commercial colour TV program; but because most people only had black and white TVs' they could not watch it. 1951: -The show that was played was called "Premiere", it featured stars like Ed Sullivan, Garry Moore, Faye Emerson, Arthur Godfrey, Sam Levenson, Robert Alda, and Isabel Bigley. "If I hadn't done it, someone would've done something equally exciting if not better in the next six months. I just happened to get there first."
- Steve Russell 1962: -The first space wear was invented -A young computer programmer from MIT, Steve Russell fueled creatings the first popular computer game. Starwar was almost the first computer game ever written, however, there were already far lesser known games like OXO (1952) and Tennis for Two (1958). 1979: -The first supercomputer to be invented. used for airplane safety, weather -Supercomputers are prediction, etc. -Seymour Cray was the inventor of the Cray super computer. 1995: -Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic invented the DVD which is an optical disc storage format. -The DVD was invented. -Tim Berners-Lee created it. 1990: -The world wide web (WWW) and internet protocol (HTTP) was created. -Amir Ban, Dov Moran and Oron Ogdan invented the USB 2000: -The USB thumb drive was invented -This lowered the use of floppy discs and recordable CDs. -The avro aero was being designed and studied
-A big part of Canadian history
-First flight: March 25, 1958
-Length: 24 m
-Introduced: October 4, 1957
-Manufacturer: Avro Canada
-Designer: James C. Floyd in Malton, Ontario https://www.historica-dominion.ca/content/heritage-minutes/avro-arrow 1953: video -Jon Christiansen invented an assisting walking device that sences your step. 2012: -He was inspired to create this after one of his own personal experiences
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