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The Plague: Albert Camus

Independent Book Presentation

Christina Perez

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Plague: Albert Camus

Albert Camus The Black Plague/ Bubonic Plague Why? Protagonist/Antagonist Three Major
Points Quote NC Common Core Recommendation Yo Perez French Nobel Prize winning author journalist philosopher philosophy: absurdism University of Algiers Interesting The plague Bernard Reuix
(the doctor) -death -feelings of exile -separation -helps out - By: Christina Perez The Black Death deadliest pandemic Yersinia pestis
(bacteria name) China or Central Asia 1347 – 1351 75 million people symptoms:
buboes 1600s book cover summary title Born: November 7, 1913 Died: January 4, 1960 car accident thousands of dead rats
streets began to flood
hysteria/ panic
8000 in a single day different -encourages others
-stays strong 1st Major Point 3rd Major Point "Proclaim a state of plague stop close the town." separated gates shut 10 word telegram M. Michel people died symptoms:
-high fever
-swollen limbs
-black patches
-raging thirst no hope 2nd Major Point “I have no idea what's awaiting me, or what will happen when this all ends. For the moment I know this: there are sick people and they need curing.”
― Albert Camus, The Plague -Dr. Bernard Rieux interesting story Philosophical novel Absurdist fiction QUESTIONS "When I entered this profession, I did it 'abstactedly, so to speak; because I had a desire for it, because it meant a career like another, one that young men often aspire to. Perhaps, too, because it was particularly difficult for a workman's son, like myself. And then I had to see people die. Do you know that there are some who refuse to die? Have you ever heard a woman scream, 'Never!' with her last gasp? Well, I have. And then I saw that I could never get hardened to it. I was young then, and I was outraged by the whole scheme of things, or so I thought. Subsequently I grew more modest. Only, I've never managed to get used to seeing people die. That's all I know. Yet after all-" Dr. Reiux The Plague Albert Camus Literary Devices Symbolism: rats
Imagery: War
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