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Marketing Presentation Cadbury

Marketing Project

Dinesh Vishnani

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Presentation Cadbury

Cadbury Enterprises plc Ltd

By Tanya Daly

What is Cadbury?
Cadbury is a Global leader in the
Chocolate Confectionary
It is the
second largest
confectionery brand in the world after Mars.
Is currently owned by the
Kraft group
a divison of Mondeléz International.
It helps making the products stand out from the rest of the competitors Brands/Products.
THANKS for Listening
Feel FREE to ask any Questions
The most popular chocolate in the Cadbury brand is Dairy Milk. They have many different varieties of Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk with Oreo, Fruit and Nut, Toffee and Caramel.
The Cadbury script logo which derived from John Cadbury’s son, William’s signature
Cadbury's Key Facts
Operates in more than
60 countries
Cadbury Factories
Cadbury's distinctive packaging design
History of Cadbury
Founded by John Cadbury in
Did You Know????
Cadbury's home base is in the UK
Favourite Cadbury's Chocolate
250 million
bars of Cadbury’s
Dairy Milk
are produced every year
other subsidiaries are:
Cadbury's Dairy Milk was launched in
Their first TV Advert is launched in
The amazing Cadbury's World opens in
Dairy Milk becomes FAIR TRADE in
Cadburys is part of the Kraft group in
The amount of milk used in a year’s production of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate would fill
14 Olympic size swimming pools
Cadbury produces
10,000 crunchie bars
per hour
Every year Cadbury sells
3.5 milion boxes of chocolate
Employs over
46,000 people
Produces and sells
unique types of Chocolate
for over 200 years
Cadbury world was opened so that it could replace tours which disrupted the factory.
It opened in August 1990 and welcomes over 500,000 visitors each year.
The use of colours,
make Cadbury’s packaging famous
Cadbury’s main factory is located in Bournville, Birmingham and was founded in 1831.
Responsible for the running of Cadbury
Irene Rosenfeld since 2010
It is a one way self-guided tour, where people can learn about chocolates history & the history of Cadbury’s.
the average
yearly profit
is around
4.1 billion $US
Beverages, Biscuits & Gums
Vision Statement: Our objective is to deliver superior shareholder returns by realizing our vision to the bethe world's biggest and best confectionery company. We are currently the biggest, and we have an enduring commitment to become the undisputed best. At the heart of our planis our performance scorecard, delivered through our priorities, sustainability commitments and culture.
Mission Statement, Our core purpose Working together to create brands people love´, captures the spirit of what we aretrying to achieve as a business. We collaborate and work as teams to convert products into brands. Simply put, we spread happiness!
Indian MarketShare
Marketing Mix
Product Mix
Price Mix
Place Mix
Promotion Mix
Place Mix
Global Market Share
Organisation Structure
Directors of Cadbury India
Promotion in India
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