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Mignardise and Petit Fours

No description

Ashlea Tobeck

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Mignardise and Petit Fours

Mignardise and Petit Fours
means small petite pastry
1 or 2 bites only
comes from mignon- cute, little, precious, small child
any small pastry from cookies, little cakes, individual portions of classic pastries
Petit Fours
Four types of petit fours
Petit four sec- dry cookies
Petit four demi sec- sandwiched or layered cookies
Petit four glace- glazed little cakes
Petit four varies- everything else
Petit Four Glace
Can be any combination of bases, cakes, fillings, frostings, and coatings
Think carefully about flavors and texture combinations
Options for:
-bases: pate brisee, puff pastry, pate sucree
-cakes: genoise sponge, butter cake, almond sponge, hazelnut sponge, frangipane
-fillings: preserves, buttercreams, mousses, bavarians
-glazes: flat icings, buttercreams, fondant, ganache, chocolate or vanilla glaze
-decorations: toasted nuts, writing chocolate, royal icing, buttercream, royal icing flowers
Other Small Cakes
Slices, triangles, squares
Slices- rectangular strip cakes cut into individual portions
Triangles- thin layers of sponge with contrasting filling are cut into square strips then cut at an angle and filled to make triangles
Squares- sandwiched layers cut into squares; can be finished or unfinished
Othellos and More
Othellos- small round cakes made with a special sponge mixture
sponge mixture is piped into rounds and baked
1 round is hollowed out in the middle to hold fillings
1 round is sliced flat to balance out
Cakes are filled and glazed
end product looks like a straight round cake, but has the surprise filling
Othello type cakes
petit four= little oven
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