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ZARA presentation

No description

Vera Fernandes

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of ZARA presentation

A little about the company... ZARA Time Inside Zara "Problem" Case Analysis Competitors Fashion - Fashion + Price + Price - "Zara Custom" Vertical
Integration Just-in-Time
Operations People Processes versus Design New styles twice a week Sources for new designs: TV, universities, Dicos, Internet, Films... Failure rate of Zara's design is just 1% Lack of proximity to the consumer Clients have the opportunity to design their own clothes, making them a unique piece.

This makes the consumer feel special "You select" Clients can select their own preferences, and then receive a regular e-mail with the new arrivals that match with their selections. Implementation Distribution Europe Rest of the world Retailing Maximize Revenues When? How? Reserve a specific area of the store, in women section, where the accessories will be exposed
Clients can choose the accessories that they want and ask for the application
There will be an extra cost associated to each accessory
The application of the accessories is free Msc Business Administration
Class 2

Diana Dias, nº 33767
Marina Cruz, nº 33748
Vera Fernandes, nº 33763 A little about the group... INDITEX
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