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BLRH Case Study Analysis

No description

Amanda Scobie

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of BLRH Case Study Analysis

Background 1788 1992 1990s 1 2 Southcorp, Ltd. BRL Hardy Known for: Award-winning, quality wines
Values & Culture: Polite and traditional + = BRL Known for: Fortified, bulk, and value wines
Values & Culture: Aggressive and commercial Acquisition 1: Whiclar & Gordon Acquisition 2: Domaine de La Baume Acquisition 3: Castello de Brolio Merger Traditional Modern Pre-Merger Culture Davies Strategy Carson Strategy Marketing Strategy Merger Culture Stephen Davies BRL Culture Christopher Carson Hardy Culture 1. Good at marketing 2. Built the export strategy 1. Understands UK market 2. Focused on cutting costs Tension Between
Carson Australian
Level Local Level Management Style & Knowledge Sharing Gl balization Wine Consumption The UK only accounts for 40% of Australian wine exports. INTERNATIONAL Kelly's Revenge
D'Istinto Stephen Davies BRL Export Division Background PROS
1. CEO in touch
2. Simplifies controls mechanisms
3. Clear responsibility
4. Senior/middle mgmt aware of company activities

1. Difficult to deal with diversity
2. Coordination between functions
3.Harder to adapt to local markets
4. Senior managers overburdened with routine matters
5. Senior managers neglect strategic issues Chrisopher Carson Hardy Marketing Background PROS
2.Control by performance
3.Local ownership of strategy
4.Specialization of competences
5.Betterstrategic view

1.Duplication of functions
2.Fragmentation and non-cooperation
3.Danger of loss of central control Steve Millar Deliberately let them clash = more results Centralization and Decentralization Mix Porter's Five Forces SWOT Analysis S W I
L 1. Expertise in marketing and knowledge of wine industry
2. Decentralization fitted to the company's strategy to become a truly global wine company
3. Top Selling Australian wine brand in UK
4. Massive increase in volume since 1991 most likely contributing to parent company's growth
5. Strong relationships with farmers allows access to cheap raw materials
6. Benefits from good channels of distribution
7. Top of the line facilities contribute to their efficiency and economies of scale
8. Financial stability
9. Technical expertise with more productive vineyard techniques 1. More energy should be focused on the differences between the UK and Australian Wine market
2. There have been issues in terms of corporate culture between Hardy and BRL
3. There is a lack of focus on corporate strategy
4. Poor implementation of strategies
5. Management have been in dispute over marketing strategies 1. Implement a product segment aimed at females
2. Strong brand orientation establishes product recall in buyers
3. The changing consumer profile trend fits BRLH's evolving strategy
4. Increasing demand for quality wines
5. More wine-drinking countries in Europe are still not penetrated 1. There is always a risk of poor vintage
2. Currency fluctuations expose traded products to currency-driven price variations
3. Brands not controlled by BRLH may decide not to renew their distribution agreement
4. UK buyers prefer to buy from small village labels
5. Wine-lovers look for something they haven't tried
6. Unification of the European Community into EU pushes the favour of trade competition towards European wine suppliers
7. Wine-producing competitors particularly from France and Italy, where are members of the EU QUESTIONS? trengths eaknesses pportunities O T hreats Centralization / Decentralization ? - Strong brand potential - Focus outside Europe (exotic) - Pull Stamps? Kelly's Revenge
Banrock Station 1. Browne - Problematic 2. Bad UK reception 3. Kitsch image 4. Novelty quality 5. VRIO? 4. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 1. Label design 2. Environmental issues -> Opportunity 3. VRIO
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