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T-rex vs. Dragon

No description

lenora leFevre

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of T-rex vs. Dragon

videos on youtube,
pictures on google. Got info from my brain, T-rex Dragon! differences and similarities T-rex T-rex vs. dragon By Lenora LeFevre A dinosaur fond by bonnes by scientists....The T-rex was one of the biggest dinosaurs but the most viscous...this dinosaur eats meats and is stubborn doesn't play nice. The t-rex doesnt live anymore scientists has proven that..they died my a mediator. A dragon is a fantasy...no one has proven they are alive or dead.. you don't know they may be here. but anyway a Dragon is a scaled creature what can breath fire. They have wings spikes and horns, they are like a lizard with wings horns and spikes. Dragons are greedy they steel gems and keep them, dragons are also huge fantasy animals, people say they rule all the fake animals. Dragons are the meanest fake animal of them all, if they were real i would stay away from them. dragon similarities from the dinosaur ages isn't real both eats meat both big both mean Has tiny arms can fly doesn't have spikes or horns has spikes and horns
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