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No description

Angelika Stec

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of TERRORISM

Social Perspective
Political Perspective
Economical Perspective
4.4 trillion dollars spent
on military intervention, paying for veteran care, interest on borrowed money
Counter Argument:
$ spent fighting terrorism was necessary + beneficial to economy
U.S. presently paying off massive debts
macroeconomic scale => less $ spent on consumption and investment.
U.S. should concentrate on fixing dire situations in own country
Other ways to spend the almost $5 trillion spent on 2nd Gulf War:
-nation’s deteriorating education system
-stabilize economy during 2008 recession
-fight diseases (ex: heart disease kills 700,000/yr)
$1.6 trillion dollars spent over past 13 yrs of war in Afghanistan/Iraq for military operations, training, etc
only %1 allocated to Department of Veterans Administration for medical care
unemployment rate for 9/12ers = is 8.3% => 160,000 people => families w/out income
disabilities, PTSD, depression, and other mental and emotional problems
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
September 11th 2001 was the everlasting terrorist attack that changed the views of many and changed American policy making.

Ethical Perspective
Is Military Intervention Effective at Combating Fundamental Terrorism?
Historical Perspective
Futuristic Perspective
President George W. Bush began conferences discussing war against Afghanistan + Iraq immediately after 9/11 attacks.
Bush administration
: find link b/w Al Qaeda & leader of Iraq,
Saddam Hussein
Many experts believed there was a very small chance Saddam had WMDs.

Brent Scowcroft
= National Security Advisor wrote article, "Don’t Attack Saddam (2002)." States:
“[Saddam] is unlikely to risk his investment in weapons of mass destruction, much less his country, by handing such weapons to terrorists who would use them for their own purposes and leave Baghdad as the return address. [...] While Saddam is thoroughly evil, he is above all a power-hungry survivor.”
19 Al Qaeda members, islamic terrorist group, highjacked four planes on their way to America (Smith, n.d.)
preemptive attacks are not good strategies
assassinating Saddam Hussein in Iraq = power vacuum b/w Sunnis, Shiites, & Kurds
American soldiers + civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan killed
The CIA tortured 119 suspected terrorists. Little information confessed and 26 of those tortured were innocent
2 planes attacked the Twin Towers in NY, 1 attacked the Pentagon, and the other landed in Pennsylvania after passenger took down the terrorists while on their way to the White House

This act of terror resulted with the death of 3,000 people
In return, the Bush
administration gave the rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban (Islamic extremists group) the ultimatum of returning those responsible for the attack or "share in their faith"

The Taliban protected Al - Qaeda and thus did not turn them in, America and other countries took military action. There goal was to locate Osama bin Laden ( the leader of Al Qaeda) and later the terrorist group

US-ISIS tension and the kidnapping of James Foley, a US journalist.
ISIS = "Islamist State In Iraq and Syria"
Kidnapped American journalist and demanded 132 Million for him, upon no payment, ISIS beheaded James. Now offering his remains for 1 million. (nydailynews.com)
lack of cooperation with terrorists from U.S. side did not help, but the insane amount asked for him is why he was unable to be saved.
leads to less kidnappings
Afghanistan fought back, and
with increasing tension, the Obama administration deployed 30,000 more troops. And in May of 2011, American troops assassinated Osama bin Laden
Military intervention cost U.S. $4.4 trillion dollars + debt
death of soldiers and civilians
breach of ethics by CIA/torture
SOLUTION: carefully evaluate consequences of actions before using military.
- militarily intervene ONLY if ABSOLUTELY necessary
- should have made sure there were WMDs in Iraq
- allocate more money to fighting cancer, improving education, etc
Thank You.
(N.d., 2001)
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