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Testing 123

This is my first and I am testing this

Vidya Puttagunta

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of Testing 123

This also my first one, Testing 1,2
My opinion on Prezi
Why use prezi when I have other things?
What does Prezi have that others don't?
This like awesome prezi is soooooo cool
Prezi is a way to make presintations
Exept way cooler!!!!!
Tell me this can I pick my backround?
This is about how awesome prezi is!
You've got me convinced, now what?
Go tell you're friends...
Why are you using prezi?
For a science project I am just trying this out and so far PREZI ROCKS
Prezi is fun, you are sure to enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!
My teacher told me about it
Oh, I almost forgot...
With prezi be prepared to add images, more frames and much more cool features that you are sure to enjoy!!!!!
I know it will do that but I need to do a weather report can I trust Prezi?
Of course you can trust Prezi,you can do you presentation and amaze you're teacher!!!!
Of course, Prezi has many backgrounds to choose from!!!!!!!!!!!
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