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Aurora Speltz

loves books/reading, learning to pitch, hunts, LOVES SCHOOL

Aurora Speltz

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of Aurora Speltz

Aurora Speltz I love to read almost any genre. My favorite books are everywhere, so you have most likely seen them. They include all the Harry Potter books, the Hunger Games trilogy, and many others. I have read so many books, and I hope to read hundreds more. To me, reading is a priority of life. I love to pitch during softball games. I'm just learning, so I'm not very good yet. When you're the pitcher, the game revolves around you. You control the game and you get stressed out because everybody is counting on you. I LOVE pitching just the same. That's the reason I switched to softball instead of playing baseball. It would be embarrassing to throw a baseball pitch in the middle of a softball game. This is a picture of a softball pitcher. She's going to release the ball soon. I LOVE softball. I'm good at it too. That's because I've played baseball for years.But pitching tops it all. SOFTBALL ROCKS! READING IS AWESOME! T GONE HUNTIN' hat's right. Gone huntin'. Hunting is AWESOME! It's really awsome when you see something. Shhh! here comes that big eight-pointer we've been watchin' all darn year! ................................................ POW! Gotcha! But I have downed a deer. Not an eight-pointer, a five-pointer, but still a good deer. BRAIN QUEST Move it! Nooo! This way... Yes!!! Score!!! Come on. Nooo!!! This way. Yes!!! Score!!! That maze was so hard! But it was also really awesome!!! I love a challenge! Especially a brain challenge! None of my normal classes are challenging enough, so I'm in GT (gifted and talented). I love being in GT because my brain is really challenged and I don't feel like a teacher because I'm interacting with kids on my level. GT is awesome!!! ( Right now his skull is hanging in a tree out back so we can european mount it in spring.)
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