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Year 12 Study Skills

No description

Ruth Pritchard

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Year 12 Study Skills

Why bother?
Study Skills
You are going to think how best to:
get organised;
manage time and stress;
identify our own learning style;
produce the best homework;
revise and achieve the best grades in your tests and exams;
and most of all have FUN.

to understand why we need to study;
to understand how we learn;
to learn how the brain works.

Learning Objectives:


Do you know the answer?
Answer will be given later in the lesson

You have ONE minute

Write down as many reasons as you can
to explain why you study.

Did you come up with the following reasons?
increase motivation

learn a new skill

make your brain work

improved results


higher grades

pass exams
better job prospects
Why bother?
We come to school for many reasons and one of them is to LEARN.

In order to LEARN we have to STUDY.

In order to study effectively, we need to LEARN to STUDY
How we Learn
By the time you were about 9 months old you had perfected the art of learning.
Someone shakes a rattle
You hear it.

You turn to look at it.

You reach to touch it.

You put it in your mouth to feel, taste and smell it.
You’ve listened.

You’ve looked.

You’ve touched.

You’ve smelled.

You’ve tasted.
Every self-respecting nine-month old baby
knows that this is a very efficient way to learn.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you forget that you need to experience something in order to understand it.
How the Brain Works

Watch this brief clip on how your brain works
We all have a Brain.

Let’s start to use it in the best way we can

Did you work out the puzzle
at the beginning of the lesson?
None, you were only supposing.
Let’s try another one
If you took 5 chocolates from a box which contained 21 chocolates, how many chocolates would you have?
You took 5 chocolates
so you would have 5 chocolates.

Getting Organised
Study Skills

There is a room no furniture and no access to anyone from outside. A man is hanging from the ceiling and there is a puddle of water on the floor. How did he die?

Answer later in the lesson
Brain Teaser

to learn to have all the right equipment;
to learn how to be organised in order to study effectively;
to decide on your preferred study methods.
Learning Objectives:
You probably think you are organised
to study, but very often you have
delays whilst you find a pen, a piece of
paper, a ruler etc.
It is important that you make sure you have all the relevant equipment.
Are you really organised?
The answer to the Brain Teaser:

He was standing on a block of ice and it melted
Brain Teaser
A man is at the bottom of the cliff, dead, with half a match in his hand. How did he die?

Answer later in the lesson
Have a go at the study methods quiz to discover what type of learner you are.
Study Methods
Scientists have discovered that to study effectively you must:
Study Before 9pm
After a hard day at school, it is a good
idea to go home, have a break,
something to eat and then study
before 9pm
Any later and your brain is tired.
Take 5 - have a break
The brain can usually cope with something for about 30-40 minutes and then it needs a break.
Take 5 minutes have:
a stretch a healthy bar
a drink sharpen your pencil

Phone a friend, go on Facebook or watch television
Some people prefer to study with some kind of background noise.
Television has to be a big NO NO. The flashing pictures can be a real distraction and you will want to watch the end of a soap opera, Big Brother
or whatever else.
Music without lyrics is the best option.
Where to Study?
Where you work will affect how well you work.
Sitting on the sofa in-front of the TV is not an option.
You will need to be at a table - it can be in your own room, dining room or kitchen table.
Light or Dark?
The type of light can also affect your work.
Have a good light over your work area.

Trying to study under the bed clothes
with a torch is out of the question.
Brain Teaser Answer
The man was in a hot air balloon with four friends and it was too heavy. They decided to draw straws and the one who got the match had to jump off.
He jumped off with the match in his hand.

to learn to identify problems that could happen if you are not organised;

to learn to identify the solutions you could put into place in order to help you with your organisation.
Learning Objectives:
There are three houses: one is red; one is blue and one is white. If the red house is to the left of the house in the middle and the blue house is to the right to the house in the middle where is the white house?
Brain Teaser
On your OWN spend one minute writing down some problems that could arise if you are not organised for school.
The Problems
Did you come up with any of the following?
Arrive for lesson without a pen or the right books?
Have difficulty remembering instructions?
Go to your extra curricular activity at the wrong time or even the wrong day?
Hand in the wrong exercise for homework?
Fail to complete homework?
Arriving late to a lesson causes delay to you, others and the teacher.Excuses make you look silly. Having to repeat the task or homework is time consuming for YOU when you could be doing your ‘own thing’
If your lifestyle is disorganised it doesn’t mean that you have to spend the rest of your life in a muddle.
You can develop strategies to improve, but it will take
Brain Teaser Answer
The White House is in Washington DC
Strategies for Home
Study Skills
Brain Teaser
A man lives in a small house with a farm as his back garden and a river beside his house. On the other side of the river is a shop. One day he visited the shop. He bought a chicken and fox for his farm and he bought a bag of corn to feed the chicken on. The man can only take one thing and himself across in the boat. With out killing any animals or letting another animal eat an item or animal, how will the man get across?
Learning Objectives:

to learn strategies to use at home to help with organisation

Write ONE strategy that you could use to help you be organised at home.
Did you get some
of the following:
Use a Diary
Timetable should be at the back
Week begin dates
HW written in the days
Tick off HW when it has been done
KEEP your DIARY in your school bag
Personal Organiser
An A4 size wallet is ideal for storing work to carry between home and school.

You will need one with at least 4 sections for all your subjects.
Personal Organiser is essential
Weekly Planner
Pin it up in the kitchen and use it as a last minute check
before you leave the house. Include lists of what you need
each day eg kit, money for school trip , reply letter.
Example of a Weekly Planner
Notice Board
Have a notice board in the kitchen for pinning up:
School phone number
School website address
Letters from school
Equipment list
Notice Board
Post-it Pads and Pens
Set your mobile phone to bleep
just before you leave the house
to remind you to look at the notice
board or weekly planner.
Brain Teaser Answer
Bring the chicken across, then go for the fox. When you return with the fox, take the chicken back. Leave the chicken, pick up the corn and take it across. Finally go back for the chicken.
Brain Teaser
The king of Persia has a visitor who will be his new minister of defence.
When he arrives, the king greets him and asks politely, "Would you like a tour of the city?" The visitor replies, "Ok".
As the two of them are walking, the king points at a beggar with a donkey and says, "That man there is the richest man in the city, apart from me."
The visitor asks, "How?"
The king replies, "Well he seems to be smuggling something, but we don't know when he does it."
So the minister comes up with the idea of having guards search him whenever he goes in or out of the city. But this plan does not work.
What does the man smuggle?
Brain Teaser Answer
The man is smuggling DONKEYS
What did the leg bone say to the foot?
Where are you going to work?
There is no right or wrong way
BUT you need to produce quality work.
It can be:
lying on the floor
working at the dining room table
sitting at your desk in your bedroom
Where do you work?
Where are you going to work?
Think about where you work most
efficiently. You may need
total silence or a gentle murmur of
people’s voices.

The best place for you to work
is the place where you work best!
The answer to the brain teaser:

‘Stick with me and you’ll go places’
Brain Teaser
It lives without a body,
hears without ears,
speaks without a mouth
and is born in air.
What is it?
What about music?
Let's look at what the brain thinks
How the brain works
Right Side
Deals with colour
3 dimensional shapes
Day dreaming
Left Side
Processes words
Logical thinking
So listening to instrumental music
will keep your brain occupied
and prevent you from daydreaming
whilst the left hand side of your brain
gets the work done.
Try thinking of it as a football training
session or aerobic workout.
You need to:
Warm Up
To get your brain ready for action try doing a few mental stretches.
Check the details in your planner.
Read through the task carefully.
Ask yourself, ‘What do I need to do?'
Think about the purpose of the assignment.
Now work hard:
Draw the diagram,
work the exercises,
make the notes,
plan the essay,
write the essay
or whatever is required.

Be active – don’t just sit there!
Cool Down
When you’ve worked for long enough,
check how you have done
Proof read your work – check spellings
Test yourself or ask some-one to test you
Assess what you have achieved
Answer to the brain teaser
An Echo
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