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Copy of Copy of Selling SaaS in the Enterprise


lola lola

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Selling SaaS in the Enterprise

Future 2025 Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Stay in CONTROL,
not controlled. Group PJC033 Report Technical Examination Diabetes The Eureka Moment International Diabetes Foundation Figures are of estimation Report on 2009 GAME PLAN The cause Understanding
the problem Understanding the motive Step 3 Step 1 "Singapore Diabetes Day" Step 1 ? Stay in CONTROL Diabetes Society of Singapore Diabetes Specialist Synthes Medical Group Analyzing Mr Ryan Teo Proposed Actions. Mr George Neo Doctor Zailan Ahmad Don't sugar coat it! NOT CONTROLLED How Designer Muhammad Imran Osman T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Creation of iGluco Device Why What How “Thousands upon thousands of
persons have studied disease. Rationale of Topic Lack of awareness Increase Prevalence Implications on society More money spent on healthcare DIABETES

LACK EFFICIENCY OF WORK Root of the problem... “194 Million people
Suffer diabetes
Worldwide.” Analysis of the Eureka Moment Evaluation & Conclusion Game Plan Implementation Rationale Joel Liew Nora Atiqa Yuning Aaron Ting Muhammad Haikal PROBLEM Be aware Stop the concern, take action. Stepping stones... Raise the responsibility “ As I see it every day you do one of two things:
build health or produce disease in yourself. “

- Adelle Davis 42% NO Overview of Presentation Diabetes In Singapore... are we safe? iGluco Tracking Device Medium Used Modifications Purpose 1. iGluco Tracking Device 2. Technical Examination 3. "Singapore Diabetes Day" *Procedure * Purpose Why? Step 2 Rationale Analysis of Results 1. Vet design 2. Feedback 3.Finalisation 2. Endorse Device 2. Briefing 3. Results 4. Analysis 1. Selecting Will iGluco Device be..... Before After IS Technical Examination * Tailored for participants MANAGE 1. Assistance 2. Endorse Campaign 1. Prototype How do we measure SUCCESS? How do we know it's a SUCCESS? objective DATAS Secondary Primary Surveys Pre-arranged interviews Formal
Interviews Online websites Online
Journals Books Limitations Strengths singapore's future Technical
Examination iGlucose
Tracking Device Technical
Examination (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Future Insights 3. Fund campaign No

26% 74%

Yes Would you use or buy our product? 39%

No 61%

Yes iGlucose
Tracking Device Singapore
Diabetes Day Increases
Responsibility Singapore Diabetes Day * LIMITED scope * Efficiency limited * NO OBLIGATION to participate Frequent Self-Monitoring Our vision " If you make it into a TREND, it would be popular among youths! " Frequent
Self-monitoring (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr ... small Target Community False Feedback Are we gon' to be successful? outcome Are you willing to participate in the trial run for iGluco Tracking Device? International Diabetes Foundation Step 2 we introduce a brand new ideal society .... Can we ? We have ideas You have QUESTIONS Questions and Answers LET'S TALK. Oral Hygiene That's not all... Before After SUSTAINABLE? Can it be.... CHANGE the perception 58% YES MILLION by 2025... 330 ...why? R E A S E R C H The Eureka Moment IMPACTS Positive Negative VS REALITY With the aid from key players.. it Enhances! Why is it..... We help you to save your money
in the long run EFFECTIVE? SUSTAINED?? EFFECTIVE?? Plan Act Evaluate Improve * ensure quality
* meet the needs * endorsement * expertise * support Almost no one had studied health." Adelle Davis
Health Nutritionist Blood sugar level mg/dL Frequency of usage Is Singapore Diabetes Day Effective? Can it be sustained?
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