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Using Social Media for Social Good

No description

Melissa Edwards

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of Using Social Media for Social Good

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions."
Validated by the teachings of Donald Calne, a leading Parkinson's Disease reseacher from Canada Using Social Media for Social Good Social media actually falls under a larger category of marketing referred to as Word-of-Mouth Marketing
92% of all WOM marketing occurs offline!
Focus on other 8%, especially the "workhorses"

Human beings are powered by emotion, not reason Where to go to get the most current definition of social media?

Socially built online encyclopedia is an example of both "social media" and the social process that makes this medium so powerful
Self editing
Relies on "the wisdom of crowds"
Proven to be comparably accurate to Encyclopedia Brittanica
More useful resource than printed due to real-time editing “The world is in the middle of an ongoing conversation. A marketer’s challenge and job is to enter that conversation. And when you do join in, you had better be prepared to add value.”
John D. Hayes, CMO American Express
Those workhorses are where people gather online based on affinities or interests

Content creators are empowered to develop online communities around "social objects"

Showing support for a particular cause or charity is an example of a social object

Web users use their connection to these objects to further define their identity

Case Study Interruptive
Engages people through an altrustic affinity
Wide range of categories -- something for everyone
Making Pepsi cool and relevant again
Leverages all media (traditional and digital) but uses WOM and social media at its very core
On Facebook and Twitter but also employs Youtube channel where you can see submissions for grants from both celebrities and everyday people
Can be used as inspiration for your organization or as an actual tool - jump on the bandwagon Leveraging the "Workhorses" Facebook Causes
Application added to Facebook in 2007
Founded on belief that in a healthy society, anyone can participate in change by informing and inspiring others
Over 25 million monthly active users
Key Causes Groups: Individual Activists
America's Giving Challenge
Case Study What it was:
Humane Society Fundraiser in April 2010 for work to stop the seal slaughter
Sent out one bulletin which was emailed to Cause members and posted to their Causes
$15k donated in first 24 hours

Fostering and empowering many smaller causes is more effective than keeping everyone in one, large community
Fundraising on Facebook is about getting people’s attention and getting them talking to their friends
Fundraising has to seem real to people, or they won’t donate
There isn't a magic bullet - keep looking for what people respond to
You don't have to be the Humane Society to be successful
Pepsi asked..."could a soda really
make the world a better place?" Pepsi put the call out for people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact
At http://www.refresheverything.com, people who want to participate can either submit their ideas and/or vote for their favorites
Awarding up to 32 grants/month at several amount levels in six categories

Result? One of the most comprehensive, well thought out, 360 social media campaigns to date
And, what about Twitter? Twestival™ (Twitter Festival)
Uses social media for social good
One of the largest grassroots social media fundraising initiatives to date
Over $1.2 million within 14 months for 137 nonprofits
Twestival™ Global
Series of offline events hosted on one day for one cause in cities around the world
Twestival™  Local
Series of offline events which aim to support local causes over a designated weekend

Themes change annually
2009 focus on @charitywater
2010 focus is on education work for schools via Concern Worldwide
All local events are organized 100% by volunteers; 100% of all ticket sales and donations go direct to projects
The importance of WOMMA today and tomorrow WOM has quickly become accepted as one of the most effective forms of marketing today

Combines the newest technology and channels with the most basic human behavior - people like to talk

The success of WOM marketing relies on a key component: TRUST - if this breaks, WOMM WILL die

First organization initiative - WOMMA Code of Ethics. Essence of Code comes down to it's Honesty ROI:

Honesty of Relationship - You say who you're speaking for
Honesty of Opinion - You say what you believe
Honesty of Identity - You never lie about who you are
Key Takeaway WOMMA is a fundamental resource for WOM knowledge, terminology, news and best practices
Basic information areas of their site are free to access
Use this resource as foundation for any WOMM or social media efforts

Keeping your organization relevant Why? What? How? In 2004, industry pioneers recognized a need for an organization to:
Bring together the marketing and research sides of WOM
Inform marketers about WOMM and to promote it
Address blossoming major ethical issues

Belief was that if a real organization existed, people
in WOM arena would rally to the cause of ethical WOMM

Today, WOMMA represents 300+ member companies of brand
marketers, researchers, service providers and agencies
Key Resource Defining Social Media There isn't a group that this is more critical
to than that of fundraising and non-for-profits The Conversation Prism debuted in August 2008
Provides a visual representation of true expansiveness of the Social Web and the conversations that define it Listlisten Listen Understand Conversation Interaction People Feedback Relationships NOT controlled
NOT organized Social Media STORY TELLERS and they're all connected Life casting content Ratings Tags Comments Share Profiles Facebook
Netlog Netvibes
iGoogle Aggregators Videos YouTube
Hulu Blogs Wordpress
Blogger My blog-log
Technorati Microblogs Twitter
Pownce Pictures Flickr
myphotoalbum Calloboration
wiki's (wikispaces, wikimedia, PBworks
wikipedia All this is done, and more
Across Platforms Do start with a good foundation; solid website, engaging Facebook page, Twitter
Do create synergy between each tool
Do employ a Communication/Engagement Manager
Do keep information and communication current, fresh and engaging
Do follow WOMMA standards and ethics code; Honesty of Relationship, Opinion and Identity
Do keep up with changing resoures and technology (follow social media marketing blogs, etc.)
Do have a crisis management plan but
Don't be afraid of the social media channel. Embrace honest communication and use it to become a better organization
Do take advantage of what is a high engagement, low (or no) cost marketing environment but
Don't just be there to be there
Do have fun and respect your followers Other tools of merit "Bridge" WOM Comanies
RepNation Leading WOM company; founder and CEO Dave Balter leading voice in WOMM and co-founder of WOMMA
Serves to create deep connections between consumers and brands to activate WOM across social and offline media
"BzzAgents", which number around 800,000 today, are by nature engaged, passionate, vocal, connected consumers - responsiveness is extremely high
Volunteer but incentivized (mypoints program); aligned with campaigns based on their lifestyle and interests
BzzAgent follows WOM ethics and standards encouraging transparency, individuality and continuous innovation
The heart of BzzAgent
Various formats including physical kits... BzzAgent's channel for websites Newest application
A collection of brand communities where BzzAgents discover and share content about favorite brands
Currently 19 Categories, 122 Sub-categories and nearly 12,000 pieces of content
Includes Non-Profits category with nearly 400 Bzzscapes and 4,000 pieces of content
BzzScapes are free but must be initially set up by an Agent

Best Practices Again, it comes back to that emotional connection Facebook is THE workhorse. It has mass and continues to grow
"Open Graph Protocol" announcement two weeks ago likely means further, substantial growth
Enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph
Engagement content, both on- and offline, will fall into one of the three following categories:
Requires monetary exchange to have an initiative placed on a property (e.g., paid ads on Facebook)
Does not require monetary compensation (e.g., your Facebook page or your own website)
Almost always takes place on blog, forum or social network type properties and is defined by an absence of an overt payment to the property owner for that "mention" Mashable using their own medium in a charitable way
Accepts pledges to one fund benefitting four major organizations
Humane Society
Oxfam America
World Wildlife Federation

Plugs into a variety of channels including Facebook and Twitter
Their @socialgood on Twitter is a place to tweet about these causes and others which, in turn, is posted back on Mashable's Summer of Social Good homepage The "one stop philanthropy shop" by TechCrunch
Where media, philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education converge to serve a greater purpose
Helps their members connect to causes, charities, and non-profits they care about For every campaign:
Do start by defining a goal

Do involve your audience from the beginning

Do be willing to change tack - flexibility is key with online fundraising

Do understand how you need to measure success; have a baseline and use meaningful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to decide what is working and what isn't The conversation is happening.... with or without you! What else is Social Media? The 3 Categories of Engagement Content Case Studies Best Practices Additional Resources Humane Society
"Seal Protection" Campaign $20K in Six Days:
Lessons from a Causes Fundraiser Some Useful Stats: Twitter is currently averaging a little more than 21 million unique visitors per month
Peaked in January 2010, at 23.5 million but dropped back to 21 million in February and March
Most consistent, high numbers were around 23 million between July and November 2009
Referral Share comes mostly from Facebook and Google. Yahoo is a distant third in referrals to Twitter
Founded in 2006 and rapidly grew to more than 30 million+ users
Gained leverage in 2009 when Hollywood celebs started using Twitter to control their image, widen their appeal and communicate directly with fans Source: Comscore Internet news blog focusing on social media news
Ranks as one of the largest blogs on the internet
Writes regularly on a variety of social media channels What else is cool: Another great resource.... How?
Another Case Study TechCrunch - web company that profiles startup companies, products and websites
Founded in 2005, Technorati ranks TechCrunch #1 in Info/Tech category
Suffered a bribery scandal in early 2010 - intern asked for compensation in exchange for a blog post Presented by Melissa Edwards
Erwin-Penland Advertising
May 6, 2010
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