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Breathing Underwater Timeline

A timeline of major events in the novel "Breathing Underwater" by Alex Flinn

Emily Ward

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Breathing Underwater Timeline

A Timeline of Major Events Event #1 Event #2 Event #3 Event #4 Nick sees Caitlin singing with Derek Wayne and he gets extremely jealous.
He grabs her arm and drags her off with him. He angrily drives off without
her, leaving her crying in he parking lot. When he sees a red mark forming
on her arm from where he grabbed her, he immediately feel guilty. She
asks him to forgive her for "making him mad" and they make up. Nick Andreas sees Caitlin McCourt for the first time.
They meet face to face after Spanish class,
where Nick invites Caitlin to come with him
to Zack's party Nick, Tom and Caitlin go to Zack's party, where w first meet
Saint O'Connor. Nick and Caitlin really begin to connect.
Nick punches Dirk after he barely touches Caitlin,
which may have been the first sign
of Nick's controling behavior. Nick's dad hits him, causing him to lie and miss school.
Caitlin is worries and asks to come over to stay with him because he's "sick", but he declines. Later, she finds out his dad hit him and asks him to tell someone.
Nick replies by saying that nobody would believe him. Nick and Caitlin have their first fight after Nick throws
her necklace out of the car. Nick invites her to come to the
beach and watch the dolphins, where he tells her a
story about the house. Later on, she forgives him
and they make up. Event #5 Breathing Underwater Caitlin is voted homecoming princess. After the football game,
she and a few other girls are taken to a "secret" location to be
inducted into the Sphinxes, a local sorority.
The boys crash the induction, pretending
to kidnap the other inductees. Event #6 Nick, Caitlin and the rest of the group head off to Key West over
Thanksgiving break. They go to a bar, swim in the ocean, etc.
At one point, when Nick and Caitlin are driving and talking about
trust, he begins driving erratically over a bridge. Nick hits Caitlin in the face as they grapple over the steering wheel and she breaks up with him. Nick gives her a ring and begs her to take him back.
Her mother tells her not to take the ring, but she does anyway and they get back together. Event #7 When Nick finds out Caitlin is singing in the Winterfest, he forbids her
from participating. However, she sings anyway and Nick is infuriated. He
drags her out to the parking lot and punches her repeatedly. Someone
punches Nick to the ground, dazing him and preventing him from
continuing to beat on Caitlin.
At this point, Nick and Caitlin officially break up and Nick's life
takes a nose drive. Event #8 Nick is summoned to court for hitting Caitlin. He is issued a restraining
order and sent to counseling for 6 months.
He is also ordered to keep a journal of the events from
when he first met Caitlin leading up to his appearance in court. Event #9 Nick attends his first Family Violence class, where we
meet the other guys in the class,
all sent for the same reason.
We also meet Mario, the teacher of the class who eventually becomes a close confident to Nick.
While Nick takes his class, he struggles
to get back together with Caitlin and
faces the consequences of his actions. Event #10 Nick writes a poem about his situation with his father and his
friends for an English assignment. His teacher notices something is
happening at home and tries to help him. Nick continues to get
Caitlin to take him back. Nick begins hanging out with Leo, a guy from his anger management class who eventually shoots his girlfriend and himself when she breaks up with him again. Nick slowly realizes what he did to Caitlin was wrong and decides to take control f his life, including finally standing up for himself
against his father. Event #11 Junior year begins and Nick has finally begun to
move on from Caitlin. He's decided to retake the
class and learns to respect himself.
Tom learns that Nick's father hits him
and the two become friends again. Event #12 By: Emily Ward TURNING POINT!
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