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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Plot Diagram

No description

Tim McNamara

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Plot Diagram

#1 Exposition

#2 Rising Action
#3 Climax
#4 Falling Action
#5 Resolution
Book: _________________
The background information on
the characters and the setting
The conflict develops through a series of events that lead to the climax.
The high point/turning point of the story where the conflict reaches its peak.
The events after the climax that lead to the resolution.
Tells what happens to the character(s) after the conflict is resolved
Harry: He is a young wizard, very famous, daring, gets in trouble, has untidy hair, and has a lightning scar on his face.
Ron: He is a young wizard who comes form a poor family, brave, red hair, and skinny.
Hermoine: She is a brilliant, who has big poofy hair, and loves academics.
Dumbledore: He is headmaster of Hogwarts, very wise, and kind.

In London, England, and at Hogwarts (in classrooms, hallways, the Great Hall, Quittich Pitch, and the dungeon). This occurred throughout Harry's first year at Hogwarts
Cite text evidence of the main conflicts and events that that lead to the climax.
Explain how each piece of evidence affects the character(s)

1) When Aunt Petunia says, "I knew you'de be the same, just as strange,just as -- as--- abnormal" (page 53). This evidence shows how hard Harry's homelife is because they dispise him for being a wizard.

2) "Snape curled his lip into a sneer. "Tut,tut -- fame clearly isn't everything" (page 137). This quote shows how Snape, Harry's potion teacher, despises Harry. This causes the other Slytheryn students (like Malfoy) to not like Harry either.

3) On page 260 Harry tells Ron and Hermoine that "Snape wants the stone for Voldemort... and Voldemort's waiting in the forest." This evidence makes Harry, Ron, and Hermoine nervous/scared, because they think that if Snape gets the stone Snape and Voldemort will become powerful and kill Harry.
How do the events after the climax affect the main character(s) and lead to the resolution? Cite text-evidence of the main events after the climax and thoroughly explain the impact they had on the main character(s) in the story.

1) On page 295 "Quirrell raised his hand to perform a deadly curse, but Harry by instinct, reached up and grabbed Quirrell's face ---- "AAAARGH." This quote shows that Harry has realized that he can beat Quirrell and Voldemort by simply touching his skin.

2) "Calm yourself,dear boy, you are a little behind the times," said Dumbledore.. "Quirrell does not have the Stone"" (page 296). This quote contains a conversation between Harry and Dumbledore about the Sorceror's Stone, Voldemort, his scar, and his parents. Harry is both relieved and exhausted.

Cite evidence and explain the most gripping part of the story for the main character(s).

When Harry is fighting Quirrell and Voldemort. The evidence for this is on page 294 when "Harry sprang toward the flame door, but Voldemort screamed "SEIZE HIM!" At this point Harry was terrified because he was fighting two adult wizards.
The main conflict(s) of the
story that the main character(s) encountered was solved in the end by... Cite evidence if you feel it is necessary.

Harry realized that Snape was not the one that took the Sorcerors Stone , and that he was actually protecting the stone. Also, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine's efforts of trying to get the stone win the the House Cup and respect from many of the teachers and students at Hogwarts.
HP and the Sorcerors Stone
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