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Windows 8 Navigation and Setup

How and Why Windows 8 is and can be

James Heighton

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Windows 8 Navigation and Setup

Windows 8 Navigation How to customize Windows and make your way around the new Windows OS So why did Microsoft
Make Windows 8? Some suggestions: To be compatible with more devices. People are always making new things. USB 3 and new standards for HDMI, Bluetooth, Blu-Ray and more Printers, Cell Phones, (iPhone, Windows Phone, Android even Blackberry).

"It should just work" It should work when these things get put together. Some of these devices did not even exist in the designers head when Windows 7 was released how was Microsoft supposed to make it work. So we have better support for a lot more "Stuff". Top Reason Competition Apps
Security Even More Suggestions Added App AKA Microsoft Store
Yes, you can buy a cool calculator or photo editor or find the Lite one here just like Google Play, Apple App Store, or Amazon. They now have over 50,000 Apps. That is nothing to the million held by Apple. But these are real and made up by users like you and I and companies the Rovio that brought us Angry Birds.

Windows 8 was released as standard and Pro (others as well) as well as the misunderstood RT.
RT only works on ARM processor which is what most Android and what iPads run on. See RT is really Windows lite or Windows iPad. But it looks and feels like its big Brother Windows. WHAT!!! this confuses me. Why are the store and RT and the phone all the same. Lets go back a thought. "I just want it to work" Microsoft has traditionally said it is pretty simple, you can integrate this or learn to do it this way or it is just this extra step or click. Sounds familiar doesn't it. Microsoft with Windows 8 now has 1 way of intererating unlike Apple which now has several. You just have to relearn 30 years of Windows (takes a few days). So while the main reason people say Windows 8 was released is the Microsoft wants your money. They are correct. They need to stay in the fight.

Apple and Google are packing big punches.

Will the one interface to rule them all be a good one. You are the judge. What was
Microsoft Thinking Windows UI Windows UI History September 1981 Microsoft started development of Windows 1
November 1985 Released Windows Windows 1 Nearly 30 years later Microsoft is a household name has over 80% Market share of all desktop and servers and a well developed gaming system. This system is an industry standard in gaming excellence competing for the throne with competitor Sony PlayStation and falling King Nintendo. So why bring up gaming? Because Microsoft said XBox has a simple fast easy navigation. It is doing well. Microsoft brought in the Xbox developers to join forces instead of just using the the tired old Windows team and said give us a face lift. The Windows team focused on all the back end stuff like devices and drivers.

The new interface works easier on touch, phone, tablet, laptop, and PC.

This is the first big change since Windows 95. There are people in the workforce that were not even born then. Enough Enough History Lets Explore That should answer many of the whys and what is this all about and even provide perspective as to where Microsoft is headed - On to how to make it work. Windows 8 is Social Windows 8 allows and wants you to tie all of your world together. From Facebook or Twitter. To Contacts in Outlook to the Programs you use or don't use. This is how to control the fire hose. These are Tiles Customize Tiles Drag them around to where you want Remove the ones you don't want
or uninstall the bloatware

Make Tiles bigger or smaller

Turn Live Tiles on or Off Get updates at a glance What is working for you? Where did the Start button go? Windows 8 is faster to boot and shut down.

Windows 8 has a hibernate mode for recent apps and even for Windows.

New Windows 8 Hardware is faster video cards, RAM, and processors. While it still is backwards compatible the Win 8 hardware is Generation 3 Intel chips and their competition.

Windows 8 has great security built in and better AntiVirus Suggestions Continued Desktop APP: Familiar Windows Navigate Start Pinch, Gestures and swipe
Mouse scroll wheel

Keyboard Short cuts
Windows key + Q = Search
Windows key + C = Charm

Type and search! Files, Settings and Apps or Programs Charm Bar What is it? To Open:
Swipe from right , or mouse to bottom/top right corners or windows key + C configure email accounts
configure security
configure the lock screen
Reboot/Power down
Search for stuff = great in Market
Printers, cameras, monitors.... Important to note: you can access from Start or Desktop Internet Explorer 10 Standards Compliant like FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera means some things need to be set to run in "compatibility mode" So you have the Web Figured out Did you know back on Start you can pin Tiles of your Favorite Sites? Chrome, and FireFox are also tested and better (maybe even better than IE) on Windows 8 As a Company We can configure and create a cool Logo!
See my example: How to: Compatibility Create Tile While on the page you want
Tools (while in IE)
*may need to hit Alt
halfway down you will see compatibility view settings
Click add
It will be added to the list
Close and reopen IE In the top right corner under the minimize and exit buttons is the home, favorite and settings gear
Click on the gear
Click Add site to Start Screen Set to Open in Desktop In the top right corner under the minimize and exit buttons is the home, favorite and settings gear
Click on the gear
Click Internet Options
Click on the second to far right tab "Programs"
There is a drop down for links.
Set it to "Always in Internet Explorer on the Desktop
And check the box underneith for Open Internet Explorer Tiles on the desktop Set Default Programs Now you have internet work and programs found.
But programs do not always open like I'm used to or want to. Steps to fix: 1 - go to start
2 - type Default "uses that cool find feature"
3 - click on set default programs
4 - change your program
Example: Some people miss the Windows Photo Viewer. It is still there. The Photos App is neat and all, but only lets you see one photo. So to gain back old functionality, Set Windows Photo Viewer as your Default. This will not change the way the App works, but open Photos from your email or my docs and boom you have your old program back.
Now you try! Quick Access Type to find a program
Setting or even file

Use the scroll wheel on mouse to move fast

Right Click the bottom to get all programs and Apps

Use Minus in bottom corner to navigate to name groups field

Try adding a shut down tile Quick Access So what works Best for you?

What pain points are you having?
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