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No description

Iva Beranová

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of animation

Iva Beranová
animation welcome to my presentation a simple definition
of animation "sequence of pictures that creates an illusion of movement" 1. Animation in general 2. Our studio at TBU set of drawings
a scanner or a camera
some animation software how is it done? basic terms frame rate
display resolution
stop motion
3D stop motion used when animating real objects
each frame is photographed
the animator moves the objects little by little between the takes
puppets and dolls, clay figures, paper cutouts, various things and items 2D traditional or digital
hand drawn
light tables
layers (background, foreground, things or characters in motion)
captured with cameras, scanners or directly made in computer 3D model - movable skeleton
manipulated and animated by an animator
extensive and complicated environment
simulated physical laws, lighting etc.
motion capture
can be very realistic what's your favorite animated movie? can you name these characters/movies they're from/directors of those movies? The animation studio at TBU 2D and 3D digital animation subjects programs (TV Paint, Adobe After Effects and Premiere, 3D Max, Photoshop etc)
editing, sound, camera, animation technology
visual communication
history and analysis of animated film
history of film
history of art
figure drawing assignments animation exercise
various topics and themes
walk cycles, run cycles
lip sync and rhythmic exercise
expressing emotion preparation studies & sketches
study of motion and movement of living things and objects
capturing of the nature and elements figure drawing creative process idea
animate the scenes
put it together
render semester works during the exam term
various topics job opportunities film studios
animation studios
TV companies
advertisement studios
web applications
etc thank you for your attention! a b c d drawing a living model
workshops 1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester works of students ?
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